Passive Income to Wealth

Passive income to wealth is what everyone is trying to create; are you one of those trying to create a for the rest of your life? In studying real estate I know is income generated from apartment complexes or rental housing. The government issues a tax rate of 15% for . Since I don’t know the tax laws related to Internet marketing I don’t know if the government has the same tax break for online.

But online I think is thought of as reselling products over and over again in creating income, but I would have to talk to some CPA s about it to know what the IRS considers . I do see MLM pay plans online and I believe selling a book over and over again is royalty income. But I’ve always understood as income not generated from your labor so you can not be participating in the company then it can be classified as . But that is my goal to create to wealth by using an online business, and I think it is the dream of many other people.

So online would be generated by sales of your company that you are not actively participating in, many people say their business is on autopilot so it must be a former , I am not sure so I do not want to claim to be an expert here. But I see it as creating an e-book and selling it over and over again; you did the labor one time and got multiple sales. I also believe it is the same thing when you create a CD set or video teaching set that you sell once, but sell for many years. That is my idea of to wealth, because you really are not putting in the work all the time; only when you created the product.

Most multilevel marketing companies online or off line talk about creating in their pay plan. Because even when you stop doing the business but you had created a giant down line you get paid for years from the work you did for a couple of years, and that is truly in my mind. That’s why I will continue to write about to wealth. It will be fun to check out all the different IRS codes about online. It might even make a great product once I have all my studies done. Then I can help other people understand the tax code for online.

Maybe some attorney out there would like to write some articles about this subject of online and how to wealth is available to everyone.

Source by Bill Leahy