MLM Exposed – 3 Secrets to a 7-Figure Income With Your Online-Business

Breakthroughs in MLM, a passive residual income, sometimes seems as elusive as becoming the #1-ranked tennis-player in the world or turning into a pop-star overnight. There are no potions or magic wands to help you out, but know that there are more 7-figure earners being created in America than in any other industry.

#1 – Find a proven mentor. Did you know that all the studies indicate that your top five associates (the people you ‘hang’ with in your career field) will predict your earning potential? What if you ‘shifted’ your associations and began learning from online leaders? And: don’t be afraid to follow. There is an old adage that goes like this: You can’t become a leader if you haven’t learned how to follow first. You can out-earn your sponsor later, now it’s time to learn.

#2 – Opt for “Personal Branding” on the Internet. There is a sheer enormous market out there because your ole “MLM 101” still promotes the friends and family ethos. That is fine, just as it’s fine to walk around with a cassette-walkman. I’m just saying, join a company that is a player on the internet, or you will be stuck to the old ways of “friends and family”-harrassing. As you already guessed, there are more people “out there” as there are in your personal circle of influence.  

#3 – Stop dabbling. Seriously. Get out, and I mean get out once and for all out of the “I’ll try it for 6 months”-mentality. Once you come out on the other side of “trying” alive and rich, people will start to gravitate towards you like crazy. These are the people that set examples for the rest and that create huge organizations.

Source by Mark Tetzner