Legitimate Passive Income Venues

The world is full of turnkey and Clickbank business opportunities. Each one promises wealth, freedom from the drudgery of work, and dreams come true. The definition of building wealth means different things to different people. One person feels that entering the upper middle class with $1 million dollars is wealth. The next person does not stop until they have amassed millions and enjoy the corner office in a glass tower.

There has not been an opportunity to build wealth as there is now. The world started to change in 2005. The third world is disappearing, opening up opportunities that were thought lost after the 1920s – forever.

Last century people came to North America to build wealth. Now, there are opportunities to the east, Africa, Asia, Thailand, and even as far as Europe. The thing is, there is so much rebuilding to do, and so many countries to cover, there is no way that the worlds existing billion airs can grab up all of the world’s opportunities – there are just too many of them.
Unfortunately, every opportunity is joined by two scams.

Stock Investments

Stocks are still the number one way for businesses to build the cash needed to build and grow. However, smart investing requires attention to detail, research and constant care. The days when an investment broker could be trusted to take care of their client’s wealth are gone. Now, the dog-eat-dog stock world is a shark pool where the smart survive.

Smart investors can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of months. They can also loose. The risk is big, the earnings are big. Keep in mind the purpose of stocks – to help small businesses grow.

Investors who look for businesses on the verge of expansion will make more money than investors who follow the stocks in a local newspaper, or a stock site.

Property Investment

If you purchased a $80 000 property in Spain in 1999, then you have probably already sold it for $1 million. The same if you purchased a $200 000 property in London. Another $50 000 improvements, and you can sell it for at least $1 million.

Bulgaria didn’t bust, but then, that housing market is new.
There are also opportunities in Florida and Texas despite the crash of the sub-prime market. It just takes a determined investor to find them. Property investing is easy to learn.

The days when an investor needs to pay a guru $3000 for a course and to join their network are gone. Today’s investors can buy enough web products to ‘teach themselves’.

After the housing booms of the early 2000s, many banks are now pro-property investor, releasing buy-to-rent mortgages and revolving mortgages specifically created for investors.

Work at Home

There are thousands of six figure works at home business people. Most are selling or teaching. However, professionals call this Clickbank with a laugh on their lips, and tongue in cheek.

Expect to start 5 – 10 programs till you find one that works. Ebay is still hot. The same type of selling at Amazon.com through their fulfilment program is also profitable. Running an online school is a good idea, especially when helping people to improve their lives.


Legitimate opportunities are not ‘get rich quick.’ The opportunity will have thousands of websites discussing the program and methods, forums will be active, and blogs abundant. However, if you want one, easy to remember rule, then follow this mantra, ‘if you are asked to pay to buy into the opportunity, it is a scam.’

Source by Mark Walters