[Klikkio] Add Ur Call-To-Action on Any Webpage in The World Webbased Software To Drive Traffic From Other Peoples Content

Most People Think They Need To Share Their Own Content To Get Success. But Those People Have Not Seen This Page Yet!

WHEN YOU PEEL OFF THE LAYERS of big promises in the Internet Marketing space, you’ll see that content is NOT KING. The king is actually content sharing. It is utterly WEIRD that so few people are aware of it…

I am talking about the thousand pound gorilla sitting in the corner.

And for every second you deny this rising challenge in your business, more and more sales slip through your fingers in favor of your COMPETITORS!

Think about it! How often are you sharing stuff on Facebook? Or on Twitter? Or basically on any other social media site?

Websites are being shared up to 18 times per week by the regular Jane and Joe!

4 Steps To Collect Paychecks From Sharing Content

First Step Is To Find Content You Like

Go to big sites that people both love and trust. Pick a piece of good content within your niche. As an example, here is an article I found in Success Magazine about Tony Robbins.

Second Step Is Creating Your Awesome Klikkio™ Link

You get to build a link using three main features: Send people to your site, have a poll or show an opt-in form:

Third Step Is To Share The Link On Your Social Sites

It’s time to share your special link, an easy task when using the Klikkio™ dashboard and its inbuilt share functions for all the popular social media sites:

Forth Step Is To Collect The Leads And Make Sales

You can chose to collect leads or sell your visitors directly with an affiliate link. That’s the magic of lending authority of the site you’re sharing:


All this sharing is actually building businesses for free! But it’s not YOUR business that’s being built! Chew on that little tidbit for a sec…

I understand very well if you have been feeling:

Overwhelmed and defeated by the largest content creators, newspapers, magazines and blogs, with their blazing ability to push articles, photos and videos quicker and more abundantly than you ever could. It’s kinda like your hands are tied and you’re COMMANDED to share what they create if you wanna be held in high esteem by your leads and customers…
Stuck, knowing that you need to ALWAYS be spending hours sharing up-to-date news and valuable articles NOT GETTING an immediate ROI for the effort you put in…
Can you relate? Most of us can.

Introducing: Klikkio

Klikkio is working because its technology let you lend the authority of others.

To “lend authority” is why marketers put stickers on products and websites saying “As seen on…”. You could might call it affiliated authority.

You use Klikkio to create a shareable and branded link to content owned by other people.

Share the link and let your audience begin to connect you to this brand.

The business you run (along with its products and services) will be highly esteemed and regarded as an authority – all because of the shared content from Klikkio.

Get this, it’s totally legal!