How to Make Money by Submitting Articles Thru Revenue Sharing

Article sites that share profits with authors are known as article revenue sharing sites. How it works is simple; An Author submits an article and every time that article earns money through adsense or any other advertising network, the site pays the author a percentage of the earning. This setup can be very lucrative for anyone committed to making money from submitting articles. It is not uncommon at all to expect upwards of $1,000 per month in author_link from revenue sharing. The income generated is passive because once an article is submitted there is little else an author must do other than sit back and collect a percentage of any earnings made. Articles may earn money as long as they remained published.

To get started with revenue sharing and article submission, follow these basic steps to maximize your profits:

  1. Write Unique Articles: This is the most important part. Search engines love unique content. Duplicate content is most likely to get buried and will be a needle in the haystack for potential readers to find. People can’t read it if they can’t find it. A uniquely written article will stand apart from other similar articles and will become more valuable in the long run. If you hope to become successful with article revenue sharing sites, avoid submitting exact content that is already available on the internet from other web sites.
  2. Keep it Short: Effective articles are between 250-600 words. Don’t write a book. Follow this advice for two reasons. Firstly, people read articles for quick information. Long and drawn out articles are not likely to be read to the end. Secondly, you do not want to provide too much information. Your objective should be to write just enough information to leave the reader needing more. Hopefully, if the reader isn’t completely satisfied, the reader will follow the ads within the article looking for even more information which will earn the author some money.
  3. Write Effective Titles: It’s important to keep the title relatively short, yet as descriptive as possible. Try to combine keywords from the article within the title. That practice can propel an article to the first pages of search results.
  4. Research Topics: It’s true that some topics are more competitive than others.  High competition will often drive the cost of ad clicks up which can be more profitable for authors. There is a downside to that though. The downside is that topics with a lot of competition may make it more difficult for an article to be found through search engines. To find a compromise, seek niches with reasonable competition and searches and use relevant keywords to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Write a Great Article: An article that is properly written and is interesting is likely to experience a lot of views over time. Great articles are also likely to get linked to and/or quoted which will result in increased readership thus earning the author even more money.
  6. Promote Articles: To really maximize profits, share and use social web site services to generate interest in articles and to drive additional traffic to them. If you own a web site or a blog, consider linking to your revenue sharing articles to further take advantage of passing web traffic.
  7. Write Often: A typical article with reasonable web traffic is likely to earn anywhere from $0.50 to $3.00 per month. In and of itself that is not a lot of money. The real money is made by compounding profits. That may mean writing and managing 100’s of articles. If an author were to average $3.00 per article each month from 100 articles, that would translate into $300 per month in revenue earnings. So just keep writing. The more articles in circulation the higher the income.
  8. Be Patient: Even if you write the best article anyone has ever read, it will take time for it to proliferate throughout the web. Don’t get discouraged if it seems you are not immediately earning money. That’s normal and a reason many people give up way too early before they get the chance to peek. Just keep writing and it will come.
  9. Take Credit: Always use your name or pen name within articles and build an online reputation for the articles written. You never know, it could lead to something else as well as establishing trust with readers.

The ultimate goal in article revenue sharing is to attract as many readers as possible on a consistent basis. The more people that visit an article, the more that can be earned. Successful articles will work on auto pilot and will experience routine page views for years and that is where the author_link really comes into play.

Source by Matt Rogers