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I stumbled accross this product known as Unlock Your Hip Flexors thru certainly one of my newsletters and decided to check if this software should doubtlessly help a person who is experiencing exclusive headaches that arise from tight hip flexors together with hip ache and decrease lower back pain.

I for my part did not have any troubles with my hip flexors and by no means had so I didn’t buy this software to heal myself, so I want to mention that I can’t give my experience of using it.

But that being stated, I’ve reviewed lots specific applications and got a very good experience of them what appears to be legitimate and what a rip-off.

And I can say proper now that I really get a experience that the guys who made this up in reality realize what they may be speakme approximately.

There is a LOT records approximately anatomy and biomechanics of the Hip Flexors inside this ebook and at instances the text may be very complex. Even though the data is broken down in order that a dummy like myself can apprehend what the authors are speaking of.

Let’s appearance a bit in-depth what the ebook absolutely consists of…

About The Authors

Rick Kaselj, MS

Rick Kaselj is the “move-to” man when it comes to overcoming injuries and ache, but most of his learning do no longer come from books and seminars however from his personal struggles with accidents and pain.

Rick’s adventure into residing a pain-loose lifestyles started with a intense lower back injury brought on
from running out the wrong manner. The damage threatened to cease his expert career and save you him from living a complete and happy existence. Rick did now not want a life of ache, appointments and tablets so he began to look for a solution to overcome his crippling returned pain.


Using himself as a guinea pig he advanced strategies and techniques to triumph over his lower back damage and has used these same ordinary techniques with over 100 thousand customers, professionals, viewers and readers to triumph over lower back, shoulder, knee, elbow and lots of different pains.

On a each day basis Rick helps over 80,000 humans from 137 countries (such as Antarctica) stay a more fit and ache-loose lifestyles and Rick has taught his techniques to well over eight,152 fitness and health specialists from around the phrase.

Mike Westerdalhip_flexor2

Mike Westerdal is a non-public trainer, kettlebell teacher and founder of CriticalBench.Com, the net’s biggest power website helping half one million people according to month gain their power & fitness desires.

With a historical past in sports activities schooling and powerlifting, Mike has teamed up with the enterprise’s main Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS in order to overcome their non-public injuries and nagging pain.

Together their project is percentage the Fix My Pain collection with others that are interested by solving their personal accidents and preventing ache with out appointments, medicinal drugs or going beneath the knife a good way to stay life to the fullest inside and out of the fitness center.

What Is The Unlock Your Hip Flexors EBOOK?Hip_flexor4

We can’t function flawlessly if our hips our imperfect. It’s as simple as that. Our hips impact the whole lot that the relaxation of the frame does or attempts to do. Sit, stand, twist, reach, bend, stroll, step, and the list goes on and on.

That being stated, the book is designed to help you get rid off the following commonplace reasons that tight hip flexors have a tendency to occur:

Improper posture
Joint pains to your legs, lower back or hips
Decreased atheltic perfromance
Hips locking up
Compromised Immune System
High Anxiety
Problems with sexual performance
Circulatory problems
Trouble napping
Digestive problems
Circulatory problems
As you can see there are many capability problems that get up from tight Hip Flexors, however to be sincere I’d say that the 4 first ones are the fundamental signs and symptoms and the rest are, well, maybe a bit of a long-shot.

In the ebook it’s miles said that the two fundamental purpose for tight Hip Flexors are SITTING and sample overload, which means repetitive movements over lengthy intervals of time which include heavy squatting, walking or different athletic related actions.

The hips are very, very complicated shape and there are four fundamental muscle corporations which are responsible for your hips to function as intented but one organization specially has a touch extra responsibility than the others and this can’t be
left out. It’s the iliopsoas group.

The Main Target Of The Book, “The Mighty Psoas”hip_flexor5

This precise muscle located deep in the hip appears to be one of the most famous muscle tissues inside the realm of health specialists; it’s been a subject of infinite articles, severa books and the superstar in what appears to be an countless
deliver of remedy, yoga, and rehab videos.

The reason the psoas is so famous is as it has severa substantial obligations. On the structural degree, it’s miles answerable for stabilizing the spine and flexing the hip.

One of the maximum considerable things approximately the psoas is that it connects the legs to the backbone.

The hassle is that the Psoas is located DEEP within our bodies and it’s virtually difficult to get entry to. Stretching with out a particular collection of various strategies or foam rolling / lacrosse balling will no longer reduce it.

This is wherein this system comes into play.

The Solution: Sequential Flow Method

As I simply cited, the Psoas is sincerely tough to attain by means of just stretching your Hip Flexors with traditional stretches without a step-through-step manner this is nicely notion out and stands for a motive.

Like unfolding a sheet or unpacking a parcel, establishing up the muscle mass to your hips calls for it to be executed inside the right order.

Try to launch one muscle earlier than every other and you’ll upload in your tightness. Getting it wrong in reality can make it worse.

The strength of the approach lies not simplest in what techniques are done and the way nicely, but in doing these within the proper sequence. Done correctly, what Rick and Mike call “The Sequential Flow Method,” works along with your frame to spark off its herbal recovery system, improve flexibility whilst adding electricity and vitality.

Doing the actions in the right order unravels all of the tissues such as muscle, fascia, connective tissue, and the joint capsule while breaking up scar tissue.

The Sequential Flow Method includes 6 special parts:

PNF Stretching: PNF is an acronym for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It is a technique where you are activating a selected muscle so that it will loosen up the muscle mass around a joint so that you can lower the stiffness round a joint.
Dynamic Stretching: This is in which you are activating the muscle round a joint and transferring that joint thru its full range of motion in a modern way. This leads to an expanded variety of motion across the joint, warming up of the muscle across the joint and stepped forward flow around the joint.
Three-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises: With those exercises the program is targeting the muscle in all planes of motion so the core and belly muscle mass have suitable activation, endurance and electricity in all planes of movement which results in a decrease in pointless destructive strain on joints.
Mobility Exercises: In these physical activities, the program is concentrated on the joint and doing moves and sporting activities that help the joint characteristic optimally. This lets in a joints to transport greater freely.
Fascia Stretching: In this specific approach, we are targeting the tissue that muscular tissues are surrounded in and working on loosening and extending the fascia.
Muscle Activation Movements: Due to all of our sitting and each day technology use, lots of our muscle groups aren’t working well. With this technique, the program is focused on the ones muscular tissues which can be off and activate them so one can help the frame move greater effectively.
There will be a complete of 12 one of a kind movements within the software the usage of all the techniques mentioned above so one can open up and relax your tight hips.

What I Like In The Programpositives

The e-book carries targeted information on the anatomy and biomechanics of our bodies (in particular hips ofc.)
There are doubtlessly many problems that may be cured via beginning your Hip Flexors.
All the movements are defined in detail and additionally verified in video so there’s no risk of doing them incorrect.
Amount of repetitions / intervals and sets defined for every exercising.
Reading the e-book appears like you’re simply in hands of a actual doctor.
Price is low-priced.
60-day no questions asked cash lower back quarantee.
What I Don’t Likenegatives

Available simplest as a digital product.
Some of the signs and symptoms that may be cured with opening Hip Flexors appear to be a piece overexaggerated.
There isn’t always a 100% achievement price that this can remedy your issues.

So whilst all of it comes right down to it, is this system really worth of your money?

When we placed matters into angle $50 for a potential lifetime fix of your hip and lower again pain isn’t too much if you’d inquire from me.

Just evaluate that to a go to to the medical institution when you have a nagging returned or hip ache, I’d think that the bill could be 10 instances as excessive if not even extra.

In my humble opinion I think this application is well worth a shot in case you’re experiencing any soreness in your hip or decrease back location. You miss one hundred% of the pictures you don’t take.

What I can guarantee you is the truth that this program isn’t a rip-off. I get the feel that there is actual knowledge at the back of the whole machine and it’s far actually nicely idea out.

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