Get To Know The Secrets Of Prosperity Gifting

I have realized lately that many people who are financially prosperous want to share their secrets to wealth.

A friends father recently started bringing in $140,000 a week in stock market trend trading. As his financial prosperity skyrocketed, he befriended more and more of his neighbors, generously offering his secrets so they could also transform their lives. These friends continue to meet with him at his new mansion.

There are entire networks and structures of financially prosperous people offering mentorship and resources. They are available to anyone with the trust and dedication necessary for the leap to a more prosperous lifestyle. I like to think of this generosity as prosperity gifting.

One such prosperity gifting structure is cash gifting. When I first came upon cash gifting, I was dubious. Was this a scam? Was this legitimate? Could I really be successful in creating learning of $250 to $20,000+ a week?

What I found impressed me. I researched several cash gifting programs, including TLC2003, The Overnight Cash System, and the Magnetic Cash Gifting System.

• I learned that cash gifting is legitimate. People participate in these programs to leverage extra funds (cash leveraging), get out of debt, create supplemental learning, or work only a few hours a week while bringing in substantially more income.

• A properly structured cash gifting program is legal. Cash gifts are legal under US IRS tax code Title 26, Sections 25012504 and 2511, and in other countries around the world. A properly structured cash gifting program is not a pyramid scheme, and does not violate any laws.

• Participants genuinely want to share their prosperity. The very act of joining a program – sending a $250$3500 gift to ones sponsor – takes trust and generosity. The team I joined earned my trust by their professionalism and generous support. New team members are immediately equipped with their own well written website, tools for managing their website and invitees, a training center, and access to special marketing services.

Success does require investment of effort and/or funds. I have found guidance and resources to promote a website at a range of budgets, from free to $2000 per month.

Cash gifting is an amazing network of people sharing financial prosperity. Imagine giving and receiving money just as you might give or receive a meal or a ride. If we lived in a society with less greed and lack and more generosity and abundance, how would you experience money? What would the world be if we freely gifted cash?

Source by Andrew gay