Lightyear Verizon Offers An Incredible Opportunity

Light year Wireless is an incredible opportunity. MLM is a great way to achieve success and make an excellent passive residual income. Light year is a full service telecom company and has 24/7 customer service and a state of the art data billing system already in place. It has been a wire line provider for all the major carriers for 15 years and is inter-opted with their computers for billing already. There is no such thing as instant riches and anyone who gets involved in any MLM program who believes that should have a reality check. Lightyear’s partnership with Verizon is the first of its kind. It’s NOT an MVNO deal. The original MVNO’s contracted directly with Verizon Wireless.

Learn how you will earn residual income through the wireless phone bills of what could be thousands of customers using the largest wireless network in the world. Not only that know how to build wireless business through the cellular phones like Motorola and Blackberry.

In today’s economic climate with unemployment closing on 10%, LightYear wireless is exploding with opportunity. LightYear Wireless a $100,000,000 company has partnered with Verizon Wireless an $84,000,000,000 Company to Change the way cell phones and plans are sold throughout the USA and soon the world. What side of the equation are you on? Are you paying the wireless companies or are they paying you??? It may be time to be on the revenue side

Verizon is rolling out wholesale wireless services to its wireline resellers. Lightyear Network Solutions LLC has signed on as the first reseller for the Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions suite, which includes both voice and broadband services

Lightyear Partnering with No. 2 Verizon who currently has 67 million subscribers according to USA today, opens a world of possiblities for Lightyear Alliance and those who recognize the opportunity. Lightyear solution prooves to be a genuine opportunity.

Verizon Wholesale Mobile Voice offers wireless calling plans with a choice of designated minutes of use allowances per month. Each plan includes call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, no answer/busy transfer, caller ID and basic voice mail at no additional monthly fee. Premium features, like enhanced voice mail, monthly mobile-to-mobile minutes and directory assistance, are each available at an additional monthly charge. In addition to voice plans, wholesale clients can offer text-messaging plans with a choice of designated message allowances per month to end-users that have also purchased wireless voice service. Optional international messaging and premium messaging packages are each available at an additional monthly charge.

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The best medical recruitment referral program in Australia

We are confident that we have the best referral incentive program in Australia – and this is why:

1. You have complete control over the amount of referral fee paid to you

2. You are rewarded in real money – not just token gifts

3. You have the potential to receive a continuing stream of income from a referral

4. You have the ability to earn extra income through your own micro-business

5. It is simple, and straightforward

Who are Beat Medical?

Beat Medical is an established health, medical and locum recruitment company. We are members of the Recruitment Consulting and Services Association (RCSA), and bound by the code and rules of that organisation.

We recruit doctors, dentists, nurses, health managers, and allied health professionals to work in Australia.

The founders, Shaun Hughston and Leonie Shepstone, have significant experience in public and private sector healthcare recruitment.

We are intensely committed to providing an effective, engaging career management service for our candidates, and clients. We focus on quality, strong relationships, and ongoing training and education with our candidates. Read more about our services here.

Beat Medical provides a high service medical recruitment service for public and private healthcare organisations, as well as specialist and GP locums. Beat Medical is committed to charity, giving a portion of all revenue to medical and humanitarian causes.

What is the Associates program?

The Beat Medical Associates program is an opportunity for you to develop your own recruitment micro-business by referring your own colleagues, family, and friends.

-Have you ever been offered a position, and couldn’t accept it – but you knew exactly the person who could?

-Have you ever thought about starting your own business, but didn’t have the time, capital, or experience to get things running?

-Do you already have an extensive network you could help through helping to find them more fulfilling, lucrative employment?

-Are you interested in a steady, unlimited flow of relatively money by doing something you enjoy?

Already interested? Scroll to the bottom of the page to contact us.

Can I provide referrals if I don’t want to be part of the program?

Yes, we will provide a referral fee of 25% for referrals outside of the program. However, the progression through various levels of commissions is not available outside of the program. Go to the bottom of the page to contact us about a once-off referral.

However, the progression through various levels of commissions is not available outside of the program. Go to the bottom of the page to contact us about a once-off referral.

For example:

John is a physiotherapist who knows of a vacant position in his local area. He knows exactly the person, and refers them to Beat Medical. John receives a commission of $2,810.

If John had been part of the program, he would have received at least $3,150.

How does the program work?

We start by providing you with the training, support and tools you need to start referring to Beat Medical. After that, you will have the opportunity to make unlimited income through direct referrals of candidates to Beat Medical.

It is best illustrated through an example:

John is asked by a hospital to work a given shift. He is busy that weekend, but knows that Mary is looking for some work. John introduces Mary to Beat Medical, and advises Beat Medical of the available work. Beat Medical contacts the hospital, and sets up the shifts.

Mary completes the shift and works 24 hours over the weekend at $145 per hour. As John has just started with Beat Medical, he is eligible for a 28% commission, which is about $146 in this example.

Should Mary decide to do the same shifts each fortnight, John could earn up to $5,850 over the course of the year, just from referring Mary the one time.

The program is not only for locum (casual) work. It is also for long term placements:

Ron knows an emergency doctor he worked with in Canada. He refers her to Beat Medical, who place her in a staff specialist position at $220,000 p.a. Beat Medical also organise medical registration, visa, relocation, housing, and contract negotiation.

Ron makes $12,540 from the one referral. Beat Medical takes care of the back-end of the process, leaving Ron to continue to source future candidates.

What will I be required to do as part of the program?

You can do as much, or as little as you wish as part of this program. Provided what you do is consistent with Beat Medical values, philosophies, and marketing message, you can run your micro-business as you wish. You may, for example:

-refer friends, colleagues, and family

-meet with healthcare providers near you to introduce Beat Medical

-hold seminars, training sessions or information sessions on Beat Medical services

-invite international contacts to join Beat Medical or Associates community

How much money can I make?

The amount you can make is truly limitless, and is of course tempered by how much time you spend on it, and how many people you can recruit. The commission structure is very simple.

Essentially, your commission is calculated on the total revenue you have ever developed for Beat Medical. Your commission is calculated as a percentage of our fee to the employer of the candidate.

The more revenue you generate, the higher your commission. Once you reach the next level of commission, the level you get to never goes backwards.

Already interested? Scroll to the bottom of the page to contact us today.

Do I have to do my medical/healthcare work through Beat Medical?

You are not required to be currently working at all as a health professional to participate in the Associates program. You can do it from home, or in addition to a part time job, or as part of your full time work. Similarly, we do not expect you to start working as a Beat Medical ‘candidate’ with your existing employer.

However, we do incentivise all members of the Associates program to undertake any future work with Beat Medical, and there are significant benefits for you to do so.

Do I get paid a commission for time I work as a candidate?

Yes. You are paid 15% for your work as a candidate. Say you worked 20 hours at $180 per hour, you would make $3600 in salary. In addition to your salary, you would be paid your commission by Beat Medical. Your commission would be $81.

The more work you do yourself as a candidate, you are working to increase your total commission level to the next stage, which can mean a real difference to your personal income. However, the commission you can earn on just your own salary is capped at 15%.

What if I recruit another person to participate in the Associates program?

As part of the Associates program, there will be opportunities for you to recruit other people to start their own recruitment micro-business. Every person you recruit has the potential of expanding possibilities for people or positions you refer to us.

Why don’t I just start my own separate recruitment company? That way I would get more than a commission.

We are always willing to provide advice, support and encouragement for anyone who would like to start their own business. However, we know that it takes hard work, commitment, money and time to do so. Read below about what we bring to the table.

What support does Beat Medical provide?

We provide a complete framework around what you are doing so that you are only responsible for referring the person, and if you wish, the position. We take it from there.

There are myriad considerations to running a recruitment business, and some of them are a bit of a headache! We are completely responsible for corporate issues, such as:

-branding and promotion

-website, advertising, and marketing campaigns

-negotiation with employers

-invoicing and account management

-candidate support, and training

-insurance and indemnity

-state and federal regulatory issues

-head office ‘on costs’ (such as phone, electricity, salaries, etc)

-RCSA accreditation and quality systems

-adherence to legislative issues

-medical registration for interstate and overseas candidates

-visas for overseas candidates

-ongoing training and education for candidates

What do I get when I join up?

Once you reach the qualifying point (which is $1000 of referrals to Beat Medical, from a candidate you refer – other than yourself), you will receive an official startup pack (should you wish to).

You will receive:

– your own Beat Medical email address

-personalised business cards with your name, contact numbers and Beat Medical email

-a pack of Beat Medical partner material to refer your candidates to

-letterhead and other stationary

-Beat Medical promotional brochures and newsletters

-access to the Beat Medical online space

-access to Beat Medical giveaways (such as pens, lanyards, etc.)

What type of training will be provided?

The training is done as a combination of online and remote (or in person) education. It can be done at your own pace. Initially, you will be trained in:

-Beat Medical systems and practices

-Beat Medical values, mission and organisational goals

-the Beat Medical Revolution (charitable giving) program

-effective recruitment practices

-communication and business development skills

-ethical and responsible recruitment practices

-Beat Medical Partners program

For those interested in developing a higher level of expertise, and offering further advice to their own recruits, we offer training programs in:

-career planning

-effective resume writing

-interview and communication skills

-locum work strategies

-recruitment marketing

You will also have access to the Associates discussion space to spend time online with fellow members, to share ideas, insights, and inspirations. We also hold a weekly tele-meeting, which you may come to (but you are not obliged).

What if I am not in Australia?

If you are not in Australia, you are still eligible to be part of the program. We can pay you via direct credit into your personal or business bank account. We welcome interest from all over the world.

How much to I have to pay to join?

Nothing at all. One of the traits of Associates is that it is completely transparent. We want you to feel like you are a valued part of the business – not a customer.

In order for us to provide some of the added extras of the program (such as business cards, etc), we will require you to generate at least $1000 of revenue to the business. You pay nothing at all for your startup pack.

For you to stay in the program, you need to generate at least $2500 of revenue in each 12 month period (from the start of your participation in the program).

How does it work, legally speaking? How am I paid?

You will need to seek independent financial advice to work out the best solution for you, but essentially you will need to register for an ABN, and we will pay your commissions to you as a contractor. You will be responsible for taxation matters, and will not be an employee of Beat Medical.

You will be paid your commissions every month, in the last week of the month. The amount you are paid will be based on the cash revenue you have generated by the Monday of the last week of the month. Your commissions are only based on cash received from our clients.

Do I have to be a health professional?

No. Although many of the Associates participants are health professionals working with other health professionals – you do not need to be one. You will need to show a demonstrable link to the healthcare community (for example, partner of a healthcare professional, medical administration person, etc). We welcome all interested parties.

Can I leave the program?

Yes, at any time, and come back again if you wish at a later stage.

Is it just for locum (casual) work?

The program is for both locum (casual) work, and permanent or long-term temporary placements.

I am a Beat Medical candidate, but not part of the program. What do I get?

As a Beat Medical candidate, you are eligible to receive 15% of our recruitment fee back for any work that you do with us. This will be paid as soon as our client pays us.

Ethical considerations

There are going to be some occasions where you are ethically, professionally, or legally bound not to accept a fee for providing a referral. Consider this example:

Jillian is the director of an emergency department in a public hospital. She knows that there are several shifts available in her hospital, and knows people who can fill them. She wishes to refer these people to Beat Medical to work within her own organisation.

In this case, we would advise Jillian that we could not accept the referral from her, as she would be gaining financially from her position of power within that organisation. However, if she were to refer colleagues (even from her own hospital) to work in another organisation this would be acceptable.

Beat Medical are committed to ethical and legal practices, and encourage all team members to seek creative and effective ways of recruiting.

Donation to charity

As we have a commitment to charity, we understand that you do to. You can elect to have part or all of any incentive paid to a registered charity.

What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are fairly straightforward, and we will provide them to you at on request.Essentially, the terms and conditions contain protections for our candidates, you, and us. The goal and intention of the documents is to ensure that we are all clear on our respective responsibilities, rights, and business objectives.

How do I become part of the Beat Medical Associates program?

You can express interest by completing the quick form at, emailing us at or phoning us on (02) 8014 0175. We will discuss the program further with you, and help you decide whether it is right for you.

Source by Shaun Hughston

Boosting Metabolism – Facts and Myths

In my article Fat Loss and Weight Management – Learn the Basics (Part I) and Part II, I have discussed the important role your metabolism rate plays in your weight management. Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories every day. So higher the metabolism rate, more calories you are burning and it is easier for you to lose/manage weight. It is like author_link or an autopilot. You do the hard work one and then capitalize on it with little further effort. Great, isn’t it. However, the problem is that metabolic rate declines with age (especially with a sedentary life style) and one finds it more difficult to burn body fat with workouts and diet alone.

The awareness of link between metabolism and fat loss/weight management among masses has given birth to large industry to provide shortcut / quick fix solutions for boosting the metabolism. These include, but not limited to, powders, potions, pills, drinks and secret techniques that are promised to raise metabolic rate and help burn fat. The fact is, very few of these metabolism boosters actually work.

I’ve examined the claims about popular metabolism boosters, from exercise to nutrition, to show which actually work and which don’t merit your attention and time.

1. Fat-burner pills boost your metabolism greatly.  Most fat burners are simply caffeine pills with a few other ingredients, such as  green tea, Hoodia etc. Independent research  hasn’t proven the effectiveness of these pills. One may get an increase in mental energy through use of these pills, but that is all; one doesn’t get a boost in metabolism or burn fat. So my advice would be “avoid fat burner pills”.

2. Breakfast boosts metabolism. My answer would be “Breakfast boosts metabolism indirectly, not directly”. Research shows that eating breakfast is associated with successful weight loss. I always advocate a rich breakfast, comprising of protein, fiber, fruit and vegetables. It keeps you satisfied and your appetite in check till your next meal. Consequently, you don’t indulge is junk food eating. Try having an rich omelet containing broccoli, mushrooms and onions.

3. Ice-cold water with lemon juice. The theory is that body will  burn calories to warm up the water, while lemon juice is a natural fat burner. The fact is, it is not correct.

4. Green tea.  The claim is that green tea burns an extra 80 calories per day. The fact is that studies have shown burning of 80 calories in young men on the first day of supplementation. But it is not a lasting effect as the body gets used to green tea. I personally take green tea for its proven health results, especially for heart. Otherwise, green tea will help you lose weight only if you replace your high calorie caffeine mug with unsweetened green tea cup.

5. Eating small frequent meals.       This has been proven to be a good metabolism boosting strategy wityh additional benefit of helping in cholesterol control. It is simple and effective. Start the day with breakfast and then take small meals/snack/salads/fruit and vegetable servings every four hours. This will give you mental alertness as well as make body to burn more fat.

6. High Intensity Interval training.     Definitely YES. In comparison to cardio exercises, high intensity interval training results in a greater increase in post-exercise metabolism. Interval training is simply a short bout of hard exercise followed by a short bout of easy exercise, repeated 5-10 times. The article A 10-Minute Exercise Routine You Can Do Anywhere provides a good start for high intensity interval training.   

7. Strength training.   Definitely YES and probably the best. A recent study from the Journal of Applied Physiology has showed that strength training doubled post-exercise fat burning. So strength training must be a part of any individual’s fat loss/weight management workout routine. I personally do strength training three days per week, on alternate days and work out all major muscle groups.

The conclusion is that magic pills and potions just don’t work. The good news is that you can increase your metabolism through regular exercise and improved diet and eating habits.

In a nutshell, exercising, building muscles and eating the right foods in the right amounts help you keep your metabolism stoked.

Source by I Adam

Unlimited Income Earning Potential for Florida Ex-Convicts

There are legal, appropriate, and income earning opportunities available to Florida ex-convicts according to Jobs4floridaExCons.  Both on-line and in-person training are needed and most will need to purchase some basic tools to start their own business.  Within six months, regardless of time served, hardworking and coachable candidates can earn at least $100,000 per year. 

According to Jobs4floridaExCons recently released ex-cons who want to make a six figure income have that opportunity.  Regional Vice-Presidents average earning is more than $5000 per month; National Vice-Presidents average earning is more than $20,000 per month.

  • We don’t sell, we teach.
  • No Inventory, simply 8 sample tester kits for people to gain trust with entire  product line
  • 30 years of company history, not a start-up; not a pyramid; not paid on recruiting, just gross revenue 
  • Online University free to consultants 24/7
  • Product Knowledge Online 
  • Toll-free phone support
  • Best paying commission structure paid monthly 
  • Clients and fellow consultants order online and have product shipped directly from the company
  • Opportunity to earn a Mercedes Benz (Consultants can choose any model.)
  • No Meetings Required to Attend although available and suggested
  • Earn exotic vacations
  • Website Available to consultants
  • Healthy, Safe, Pure, Green products
  • Consumable Products that people will use for the rest of their lives creating a strong Emails
  • Unlimited earning potential regardless of background. 

There are no limits to earning and building a strong team allows Florida ex-convicts to earn residual income for life as well as a brand new Mercedes within six months if truly dedicated.

There are few business opportunities without the stigma of a background check attached.  This prestigious organization has been around for thirty years and while Florida ex-convicts are in business for themselves, they are not by themselves.  Those who have strong family support tend to do better in this business opportunity and both men and women thrive in                                      this environment regardless of age, race, or orientation.                                                              Contact

Fosse Dox

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3 Bad Things About Residual Internet Income

If you have considered of starting an internet based business you should definitely think about residual internet income opportunities. This concept gives a fantastic opportunity to make money regularly for the work you have done just once. Even though this is one of the most fascinating opportunities to make Source on the internet, it is not all just good about residual income programs. I have listed here three bad things that can happen to your internet based business when using residual internet income programs.

1. You can create residual income for example selling membership products. People get billed every month as long as they maintain their membership. This gives you an opportunity to earn money in the future for making sales today. The bad thing is many membership products have a high turnover rate. Therefore it’s difficult for you to create a true residual income because you’re constantly making new sales to replace the ones that you’ve lost. The only way around this is to find a membership program that sells products that people will continue to stick with long after they originally join.

2. Network marketing is a fantastic concept where you can get paid on the efforts of others. You just need to recruit an army of distributors to your downline and make money on every product that your referrals buy and/or sell themselves. This all sounds fantastic and everyone would want to do that right? In reality what often happen is you build a large downline distributorship and when you attempt to walk away people begin to quit. Usually the reason for this is that they are not attached to the product.

In the past people join network marketing businesses because they fell in love with the idea of making all this money. In reality the products were overpriced and when people were not making money they quit purchasing them and the business fell apart. However, you truly can create residual internet income using network marketing today. You just need to be in a program that offers unique products. This means that your customer can not walk down to Wal-Mart or Sears and by the exact same thing you are selling for half the price.

3. The final bad thing we want to talk about residual income is many people fall into a management trap too early in their home internet based business. This means they want to manage the business they have as opposed to working on creating new business.

The only true way to really create a residual internet income is to work extremely hard finding new internet based business opportunities on a consistent basis until your income is so large it can never totally fall apart.

Source by John White

Travel For Money In 3 Easy Steps

Traveling for money, it is one of the most rewarding things to do. You get to earn money while exploring the world. Imagine yourself in the Bahamas, enjoying the atmosphere as part of your job or having an adventure in Australia while getting paid doing it or practicing your vocation in the most scenic locations in Hawaii.

It is almost unbelievable but in reality it’s almost easy to accomplish. You can get rich from your travels. Contrary to common belief, traveling does not have to mean empty pockets; it can actually fill your bank account. With the right knowledge and skills regardless of experience, you can profit from your travels.

How to do it? There are three ways to make money on the trot

1) Find a job that involves travel

Travel jobs are immensely abundant. The travel and tourism industry covers a vast range of job positions in various fields. Degree and non-degree holders alike can find a job with relative ease because of the diversity and vast number of positions available. However, it can be competitive especially for jobs with very high pay.

To get travel jobs, one must know where to look and how to apply properly. Having the right attitude and personality is also crucial. Normally, travel and tourism jobs require excellent interpersonal skills. Other skills involved are communication, organization, and managerial skills.

Health care professionals, especially nurses, are in demand in a lot of travel destinations and this includes Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, and many other places. Cruise Ship jobs are also plentiful and almost anyone can land a position on a cruise liner. Teaching English overseas is another great option.

One great thing about travel jobs is that even without formal education you can work and climb the career ladder. Although educated individuals will land high paying travel jobs easier, the industry does not limit hiring blue collar skilled workers. Almost anyone can make a terrific living while having a cool job.

2) Become a freelancer and let companies finance your job-related travels and pay for your services as well

If you have skills in photography, you can contract some interested companies with your services. The companies will sometimes sponsor your travel expenses and may even pay you further for your services. In exchange, you provide them the quality photos they need for their business.

Also, you can become a freelance journalist or correspondent. You are getting paid to do a job and luckily for you, it involves travel. There are a variety of skill dependent travel jobs. You can work as a freelancer which is quite rewarding both in experience and finance.

3) Have an Internet money-making machine that is fueled by your travels

You can create a site with content about travel and living. You can blog about your exploits and encounters. People will take notice and with technical implementation of SEO and link building, you will soon have a lot of visitors and your traffic will increase. You can make money by selling ad space in your site. Being an Internet affiliate marketer is also a great option. This is a form of Clickbank and probably, because it is automatic, it’s the best kind of income you can get.

Source by Money For Traveling

Ways to Make More Money

Becoming rich is really not a very difficult process. It may be a long process, but it is in no way rocket science. The difference between those are wealthy and those who aren’t is that the wealthy person decided to be rich by taking action. You can increase your income and reach your financial goals by deciding to take action.

How to Make More Money

Here are some examples of the ways rich people produce Clickbank streams to increase their net worth and accelerate their net worth.

1.Buy Real Estate: When you own a piece of property that can be rented for an amount that is greater than the mortgage, expenses, taxes and maintenance, you keep the profit. Not only do you make the difference between what you charge for rent and your expenses, but your renters are helping pay down your mortgage, which means free equity in the property for you.

2. Write a Book: Authors only have to write a book once to receive royalty checks forever. In some instances they may have to revise their book now and again, such as the case with textbooks, but 90 percent of the work is done when they publish the original book.

3. Invest for the Long Term: Rich people understand the power of compound interest and how it can double their money many times over. Invest early and often, and over time your money will double, and then double again. With just average stock market returns, you can double your money in 7 years.

As you can see, these are not very difficult concepts, but in order to take advantage of these strategies to become wealthy it requires you to take action.

Source by Ryan

How to Make Money With AdSense – Honest Review

Adsense is an online advertising program that is run by google, the specialists in search engine technologies, essentially adsense is where you place other peoples ads from adwords on your site.You are then paid a commission by adwords every time someone clicks on the adds displayed on your website.

A word of warning for anyone who is totally new to the concept of adwords and reads above as license to sit all day clicking ads on their own site and making easy money. sorry it most definitely does not work to that theme .Also if you are caught doing it, and take it from me you will be, then all your sites could potentially be shut down for life by google and the other implications are you would find it very hard to ever do business on the web ever again. That my friends is how seriously google consider what they call click fraud and good or bad, right or wrong, they are the masters of the web, so don’t say i did not warn you.

Adsense is not a get rich quick scheme as some misguided people believe, so don’t expect a fortune in a single day. However, adsense is relatively easy but needs to be done correctly essentially adsense is really a puzzle, you just have to know how to put it together.Adsense is the fastest growing revenue creation tool online, there are literally thousands of advertisers willing to pay big money to get exposure to their products and websites, hence adsense is having a huge impact on the affiliate marketing industry. Adsense is definitely worth pursuing, and I believe the best way is to build a high quality, interesting, useful site, not a junk site trying to generate only $1 a day. However adsense done correctly, is a wonderful opportunity for you to generate additional income for your website or sites and create a lot of Email streams.

Hopefully you are someone who is interested in making an extra income by using your own skills, learning from others and being enthusiastic? As without these attributes and some determination and persistence thrown in you would be as well ceasing any further interest in making money online. It is more than possible to earn a very good income using adsense ads on your website but how much you earn can all depend on how you set your website up. If your aim is to make a good income online then you really do need to have a professional looking website so your customers will feel like you are a professional and can gain a trust in you and what your website is telling them.

Not just kids but housewives, retirees, mom and dads, who are just staying at home and have never made a dime on the internet have created full-time incomes by simply placing adsense ads on their web site or blog. It is no surprise then that google adsense still remains the top favorable income source for most webmasters. Most webmasters know that adsense generates a sizable source of additional advertising income and by finding a profitable niche to target they can earn a more than substantial income from home.

How To Build

Build content-rich websites featuring information that people can actually use, building on what you have with more of what has worked in the past and consolidating your position. Thereafter you will be able to make money in multiple ways,essentially the more websites you have, the more money you make. Your adsense monetised websites will build income for you passively,it simply grows and grows, relentlessly marching ahead to potentially build you a fantastic income. Therefore you invest more of your time building your online business and keep learning and growing.

Each day, I encourage you to do what the most profitable marketers do and that is build on the niche or theme concept to produce sites of high quality.Ultimately your success means being totally diligent in following these rules and building new web sites continuously.The great thing nowadays is that you can build your income online with no prior experience or education and without doing any of the hard work.There really are no tangible excuses you can come up with for not building your own Email empire are there?

Now the average joe like you or me actually has a chance to build a mega-site with hundreds of pages and thousands of visitors a day,by taking advantage of the tools, resources and software programs that are readily available on the web and in a lot of cases for free.Ultimately to build a full-time adsense income as opposed to reading about everyone who is requires one simple process,and that is for you to take action.


Out of all the online business opportunities currently available, having your own adsense empire is one of the most profitable.I don’t subscribe in any way form or fashion to the negative people who populate so many forums today that 98% of online work at home opportunities are scams. Funnily enough there is a common theme with all these people when you enter into any form of conversation with them. Upon asking them what knowledge they have of the basics of internet marketing i.e domain names,web hosting,content creation,traffic building and monetisation of a site .They in most cases come back with…what’s all that about buddy?…or words to that effect.

Hence yes it’s a very true statistic that it still remains a relatively small number of people who can claim to earn a full time income from internet marketing.However this is all relative to the numbers who actively use the web which are hundreds of millions and growing.

Like them and possibly you as well, i also tried several get rich quick schemes and have been scammed and left with an extremely bitter taste in my mouth and an empty wallet into the bargain.However what sets me and everyone else earning a full time living online apart from them is really two words persistence and determination.Which at last led me and it can for you as well to find real ways to make money at home with google adsense being one of my main income streams, note I say one of.

However to put all of the above into context you could use that analogy to just about describe any profession which is potentially available to us all in theory.Obviously relative to the usual restrictions of education, skill, aptitude,motivation or age.Therefore the question i would ask is why aren’t we all doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, surgeons, engineers, mechanics, nurses, gardeners, pro golfers, tennis players, soccer players etc etc etc etc. Well basically for all the reasons mentioned above therefore it really annoys me when every man, woman and dog profers an opinion on earning a living on the web, especially when the majority of those opinions are borne out of pure hearsay and ignorance.

To finish off my rant and confirm my rational on the whole subject opinions are a bit like bottoms everyone has got one ! However all the best financial opportunities require the courage to make a fast decision, before they fade away, before they are gone. Making money with your sites or blogs using adsense is no different. Only thing is, the market is still in its relative infancy and this should present opportunities to you if you know what you are about. At the beginning, this is ok but as your traffic grows, you need to keep an eye out for other opportunities because there are networks out there that will pay you a lot more. Together with our new colleagues at google, we are creating new opportunities for monetization, expansion and innovation in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, adsense and many other areas as the internet continues to grow and develop exponentially.


Google adsense is probably one of the most popular revenue generators in the web. Another great thing about google adsense is that it rewards you for creating sites rich in high-quality, focused content and that in turn makes the net a better place.Google adsense is great for any type of website from penguins related to web sites selling church software. The key to making great money with adsense is building a site with quality content, and then getting traffic to that site. Google’s adsense is a superb revenue generating opportunity for small, medium and large web sites. Googles adsense is a really great way to generate money online, and more and more people are starting to realize that.I actually feel like my potential to earn money with adsense is virtually unlimited these days.

Really to make money with adsense is like most things in life offline or online and that is how badly you want it and subject of course to your own desire and determination levels to succeed online.
Just a few hours of your time invested every day and you can build an extra income stream and discover the keys to building a successful income from home. Have you ever thought about setting up a website to earn income using adsense but did not know where to begin then get the edge you need to boost your income by getting the right information.

I will leave you with this final Pearl Of Wisdom.

You can find internet marketing advice in many places but how much of it can you really trust ? At best, the average person is likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Internet marketing advice available.This is a simple but very effective piece of internet marketing advice for you.Find a person or source of information you trust and stick to it or them like glue like i did .

Source by Douglas Stuart

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? – Why this Question is Disaster Waiting to Happen

If you’re asking yourself “How much money do I need to retire?” you’re setting yourself up for the biggest catastrophe you can make!

There is a popular misunderstanding while saving for retirement. People commonly ask “When can I retire?” or “How much do I need to retire?” These kinds of questions truly demonstrate the trouble.

It appears the majority of people think about their retirement savings just like a bucket of water. They devote their career filling the pail and they spend their retirement emptying the bucket. This is certainly just wrong thinking.

To answer the question of “How much do I need to retire?” you would need to know some unknowable things.

  • How long will I live?
  • Exactly how much will my medical care expenses be in my elderly years?
  • Precisely what will happen to the cost of living and the Dollar?
  • Will Social Security and Medicaid still exist when I retire?
  • In case I’m drawing from my traditional IRA, exactly what will my tax rate be?

It is just plain impossible to figure out the answers to these questions. And so, what do you do? Change your thinking!

The correct question is actually, “How much income do I need to retire?”
For most people, you will require just as much income in retirement as you do now, if not more. Maybe you will pay off your home and also get rid of a handful of miscellaneous expenses, but for the most part you are going to have the same expenses you have right now. You’ll continue to need to pay your phone bill, your cable bill, your electric bill, your health care costs, your gasoline; the list goes on and on.

By asking “How much income do I need to retire?” as an alternative to “How much money do I need to retire?” you set yourself up for the correct response. And answer is, you have to replace your active income with a Email. That is correct, your retirement goal is to create a passive residual cash flow which is equal or greater than your active income (your job).

This is achieved by acquiring adequate assets to produce a sizable Email. So we will examine a couple of tactics of accomplishing that. (try not to get too depressed, there is good news by the end)

1. Interest on savings.
If, as an example, you would like $4000 income a month , and it’s possible to collect 4.8% interest on your savings, you simply need to save up one million dollars to retire. And so if you are 20 years away from retirement, you will have to put away $40,000 each year. No problem, right?

2. Acquire rental property.
If, as an example, you can make $150 each month on each and every rental home, and you need $4000 per month income, you only need to purchase 27 rental houses. Perhaps that’s one a year until retirement. On the other hand, for many people, after property taxes, insurance coverage, property management, upkeep, and all of those other expenses that find their way into the equation, you may just as easily lose $150 per month on each house.

3. Open up a small business.
A lot of people who open up a business just struggle to survive. Whenever you trade employment for self employment, you will still have a job. The difference is, your new boss is a tyrant.

When can I retire? How much money do I need to retire?

The answer is actually quite straightforward (notice I didn’t say easy).
To have a happy and early retirement, you need to create assets that generate revenue using leverage and residual income. Build a small business or a system which will thrive while you are away.

Does Microsoft lose money whenever Bill Gates has a vacation? Does Ben and Jerry’s shut down every time Ben and Jerry want a day off? Does Disney World go out of business if Walt is not around to operate it? No.

Of course these are just examples; you do not need something on that scale. You simply need to build a small organization that works well with or without you going to work day after day.

Keep in mind: Leverage and Residual Income.
Look for some of my other articles or visit my web site on this topic.

Source by Lee Spaziano

World Ventures Travel Reviews

Can a newbie or seasoned network marketer make real residual income with the worldventures travel biz? One of my good friends and mentors in the network marketing industry just joined and so I’ve been taking a serious look at it. This article is a unique unbias review of the worldventures biz as I am a network marketer and company outsider. It will describe the MLM travel industry, the world ventures packages and how to build a successful network marketing organization.

Plano Texas is where Worldventures was born in 2005. This seems to be a business of great integrity that is well on its way to becoming the worlds larges discount travel company. Did you know the travel industry makes up just under half of the money that is currently being spent on the internet? It’s crazy!!

The signature product of WorldVentures is their Dream Trips package.A one time start up fee allows you access to worldventures and your first dream trip.

The travel industry accounts for forty three percent of the money changing hands online. The travel industry is by far the largest industry in the world. The trillion dollar industry is projected to double over the next 5 years. Combined with the network marketing industry that is currently experiencing record growth this could be the perfect storm if Worldventures can pull it off.

With millions of people looking for a plan b in the face of economic crisis the home biz industry is experiencing a massive flood of new prospects.The majority of network marketing companies offer very little real marketing training and it is no different with worldventures. New members are taught to build a “warm list” of family, friends and other unqualified prospects.

To find success in worldventures or any other MLM opportunity you must have a constant stream of new leads and prospects. A warm market will always eventually dry up and you will need a new system for getting qualified prospects to join you. Notice I said “quality” prospects. You don’t want just anyone joining your business. If your in network marketing for long term Source (and you should be), you need to be finding serious business builders instead of “get rich quick” losers. This means you need to be marketing to existing network marketers. The highest quality prospect for a home based business is an existing home based business owner. This audience will only join you if you are an authority and a leader. You demonstrate this by promoting yourself first and your company second. This is the secret to attracting hungry entrepreneurs to your World Ventures organization

Combining the trillion dollar travel industry and the exploding network marketing arena is certainly a recipe for success. But without real world marketing training you will be another casualty of these two unforgiving industries.

Source by Adam Chandler