Robert Kiyosaki Applying The Cash Flow Quadrant To Forex Trading

Those of you familiar with Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings will know about his “Cash flow Quadrant” book and how it goes into extensive detail with regards to 4 very specific groups that we people all fall under.

The 4 groups are called the cash flow quadrant and goes as follows:

The Employee, the Self-employed, the Business owner and the Investor.

The ideal quadrant for anyone wanting to get wealthy is to be under the Business or Investor quadrant.


Because it allows you to exploit leverage to its fullest potential, which means that you can continue to increase your income by working the same amount of time (if not less) as opposed to an employee or self-employed person who can only make “x money per hour” worked.

Now, Robert Kiyosaki emphasizes continually on becoming an Investor because this is the quadrant that allows to be generated. This is the end goal, to become an investor who can generate no matter if he/she gets up for work or not (and This is my personal goal).

So in order for this to be achieved in the fastest possible way, Mr. Kiyosaki suggests you build and grow businesses to create cash flow which then allows you to “invest” and eventually become a wealthy “full-time” investor.

So what the hell does all this have to do with trading Forex?

You see, there is a false belief traveling the Internet whereby people tend to believe that trading is nothing more than a mere job, when in reality they don’t have a clue how powerful this “alleged job” truly has on impacting their life’s!

First of all, let’s get something straight. Trading Forex can be anything you want it to be:

–       It can be a hobby (a very unprofitable hobby I may add).

–       It can be “just another job” (like many call it online).

–       It can be a business.

–       It can be an investment and wealth creation vehicle.

If you understand HOW to structure your Forex trading correctly, you will be in for the biggest ride of your life Guaranteed!

So bear with me as I first explain what exactly occurs and differs between the Business quadrant and the Investor quadrant:

#1 Business owners develop “systems” that contain employees for them.

These “business systems” are nothing more than step by step rules and parameters that the employee must adhere to on a consistent daily basis, also known as “jobs”. Some of these rules could be:

–       The days the employee works.

–       The time the employee works per day.

–       The full responsibilities of the job held, whatever the business may be.

In exchange for this, the business owner will pay the employee a salary, meanwhile the business owner creates cash flow that then allows him to “invest”, with the ultimate goal of creating residual income.

#2 Investors create and own money systems that create more money for them.

These “investment systems” are nothing more than entry, risk management and exit rules for the investor to abide by to grow his portfolio over time in a systematic and professional manner.

Are you starting to get the big picture yet!?

Forex trading, or any other type of trading, contains an amazing composition not many other types of businesses provide.

You see, in a home based Forex trading business you automatically take advantage of 3 of the best quadrants, even though you still haven’t realized!

Now let me share with you how exactly this applies to your Forex trading career:

The Business Quadrant:

The “owner” of the Forex Trading Business develops a system so that his “employee” can do his “job”.

This system contains the hours worked per day, the days he works per week and the responsibilities of the job, that is, to control and manage risk accordingly.

The Investor Quadrant:

This person develops a money making system that allows him to make money FROM money.

He is also the owner of the Forex Trading Business. This business is his INVESTMENT.

The Employee Quadrant:

This is the person that holds the “risk management” job for the Forex Trading firm.

He gets paid a monthly salary for doing his job correctly.

But the cool thing here, is that YOU are all three quadrants, built into one.

You are the business owner who creates cash flow which allows you to invest and make more money.

You are the investor who invests money and makes even more money.

You are the employee who trades for the company and gets paid a salary.

The cool part is that because you are the business owner, the investor and the employee all in one, you take full advantage of leverage.

What does this mean to you?

1)    You work a set amount of hours per day, just like an employee does, with the difference that your income grows exponentially over time with no additional work involved.

2)    You own a business which grows consistently and generates cash flow which in turn allows you to invest.

3)    You are an investor, with a business that generates consistent cash flow, which can now re-invest and make even more money from your money.

Eventually one of your goals should be to set yourself up as a correct business entity not only to protect yourself but also to take advantage of the huge reductions in taxes that the government gives.

So get cracking! And remember, you are an investor with a positive cash flow business and with an extremely hard working performance driven employee.

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Advantages of Retirement Planning

To many people, retirement is something that they will need to face at one point of their lives. It is a time when a person withdraws from working, which would mean the end of an active income. To some, this is an anticipated point in their life as they can finally take action on things they have been dreaming to do, while others may dread it as they lose the opportunity to gain income. Yet, with retirement planning, one is able to have enough money or continuously gain an income – usually passive. There are actually a number of advantages of retirement planning.

To start with, when you hit retirement, you do not feel at lost as to what to do. Without prior planning, you may not have saved enough money to survive day to day, and at that age, it may not be as easy to find jobs. Having a proper plan set, you will be prepared for any circumstances – for both the good and rainy days. Plus, you will not need to depend on others for you to live comfortably. Another advantage is that you will be able to provide a certain degree of financial protection to your dependents. If you have been the sole breadwinner of your family, your retirement may mean that there will be no other sources of income. But with retirement planning, you will be able to make sure-profit investments, and you would be able to generate Emails from wisely-planned saving plans. Besides that, having retirement accounts do give you some tax-free benefits.

For those who love to live in the moment, they would probably find that retirement planning would hinder their ability to enjoy their life at their best. While that may be so, starting an early planning will actually minimize the effect felt when one is carrying on a budget. Unless one is certain they will not be able to live past a certain age, the advantages of retirement planning will actually be felt once they reach the age for retirement. There are a number of consultation services for retirement planning available, many according to states, such as California retirement plans. This is because some places have much more higher standards of living, affecting the expenditures during your retirement as well. With that in mind, whether it is Miami or California retirement plans, or anywhere else, you can live your life to the fullest every day of your retirement if you plan it right.

Source by Chris Cornell

Online vs offline business

Why must you starting online business? What are the advantage of online vs offline business?

Many of us understand that starting your own successful business is a good source of author_name that can lead us to financial freedom. The meaning of author_name is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Rental income, dividend is other form of author_name.

In this article, I will highlight to you the advantage of online business vs offline business.

1) Huge market

As per latest statistics, the number of global internet users as at last year is estimate at 2.2 billion and the number is continue to growth at high rate. The number of global internet users is even higher than the population of China!

Therefore, your online business have the potential to reach out to global internet user of 2.2 billion and the number is continue to growing! Whereas, offline business generally reach out to local population in your home nation only. For example, local business operate in Singapore can only reach out to local population of about 5 million.

2) Low start up cost

In offline business, the owner need to have deep pocket just to start their business. The need to paid for items such rental deposit, renovation, machinery and equipment and etc. In Singapore, the start up capital to open restaurant can amounting to hundred of thousand and the owner need to paid hundred of thousand of start up capital even before they made a single cent.

Not only that, even after their business is start to operated, the monthly operation expenses for their offline business can be as high as ten of thousand or more for items such as staff cost, rental and etc. The owner also need to spend a lot of time to train staff, works out best strategies to market their product effectively and etc.

On the other hand, the online business owner only need to spend a few hundred US dollar or less to buy domain name, design their website, subscribed to web hosting and etc to start their online business. Their online business can be ready and operate in less than 24 hours.

Monthly expense for online business is less than hundred US dollar for items such as monthly web hosting fee, marketing cost and etc.

3) No limitation for business hours

The business hours of offline business generally limited due to certain conditions. Factors such as business hours restricted by shopping centre management, lack of manpower and etc.

However, provided proper system is in place, online business can be open for 24 hours and 7 days a week over difference countries and time zone. This mean the online business can help their owner to making money even while they are sleeping!

The business owner only need to spend limited time on their online business. They can instead afford to spend quality time with their friends and love one.

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Source by Nelson Chen

How To Earn 6-Figures In Holistic Nutrition

How To Earn 6-Figures In Holistic Nutrition

By Carey Peters, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Does this story sound familiar to you?

You graduated from nutrition school totally jazzed about building your holistic nutrition practice.  You thought you had all the pieces in place for a successful nutrition business — the counseling program, the website, the business cards, the brochure, and the fire inside to spread your message about holistic health and nutrition.  You’re doing workshops, meeting referral partners, launching events, and coaching clients…you’re working your butt off!  And yet you’re almost dead broke.

I know your story, because I had the same experience!

Until one day I realized….why waste your valuable time and money building your practice using unproven strategies and trial and error, when it’s possible to discover the biggest mistakes – and the most effective strategies – of Holistic Nutrition Professionals who have careers that are already thriving?

I mean, how much money and time could you save if you could analyze, understand and MODEL real-world, profitable holistic nutrition practices?

With this in mind, I interviewed ten top holistic nutrition pros to discover EXACTLY how they built their booming careers.  And I learned that there are three keys to success in holistic nutrition.

1. Passion

Most holistic nutritionists got into this career because they had a personal experience with nutrition that utterly transformed their own lives. They have a deep, burning conviction in the transformative power of nutrition, and a driving desire to help other people experience that transformation.

2. Persistence

Would you believe that even Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of the best-selling “Flexitarian Diet” and featured nutritionist in magazines and TV shows all over the country, was turned down over and over again for almost every job she got? Even this brilliant and gifted nutritionist, who has made an indelible mark on the industry, had to push past “NO” a hundred times.

Kathie Swift, Dr. Mark Hyman’s featured nutritionist in “UltraMetabolism” had to spend years convince top doctors about the benefits of nutrition and functional medicine before she could help create the now world-renowned nutrition and medical programs at Canyon Ranch Spa and Resorts.

These trailblazing holistic nutritionists had a driving passion for their work, and they simply didn’t take “no” for an answer!

3. Passive Income

There is no doubt about it – the most successful holistic nutritionists are able to go beyond the traditional model of seeing individual clients and being paid by the hour.  These savvy nutrition pros know exactly how to package, price and market their services, so that they have products and services practically selling themselves when they’re asleep, at the gym, or on vacation at the beach!

By leveraging this kind of stream, the top holistic nutrition pros have been able to easily explode their practices into the six-figure mark and beyond.

So what does studying and modeling the careers of successful Holistic Nutrition Pros mean for you?

If you’re someone with a passion for nutrition, who wants to turn that passion into a career…

It means that it IS possible to make a great living while doing you love to do, instead of going to a job everyday that drains you.

If you’re a practicing holistic nutrition pro, but you’re not getting enough clients or making enough money…

This means the difference between getting two clients this month, and getting TEN clients this month.

For both practicing nutrition pros and nutrition-pros-to-be….

This means the potential to add a ZERO onto your currently yearly income…by helping people transform their lives through the power of food.

Source by Carey Peters

Create a Lifelong Income with My Own Home Business – What are the Keys To Create a Lifelong Income With My Own Home Business?

There are many skeptics out there who think it’s crazy and impossible to create a lifelong income with my own home business. I intend to prove them wrong! You see, many factors play in the need to the average person to have a lifelong/Call to action. For instance the cost of living is consistently increasing and there will always be a way for people to be in debt such as student loans and car debt. It’s being recognized more and more every day that people will need to earn income actively for the rest of their lives. There is no more reality to the dream of living off your retirement nest egg.

What did I find out?

So I wondered, researched, and got some info on how to create a lifelong income with my own home business. With my knowledge of previously being a co-owner at an auto body shop, I know that in order to succeed in any business you need customers and you need RETURNING customers and referrals to create a steady customer base. For a home based business the same concept is required. You have to have customers and a high customer reorder rate.

It seems that the modern day business world is becoming more and more online focused. Marketing the correct way, the modern day way is one of the keys to remember if I want to create a lifelong income with my own home business.

Having the customers isn’t the only way

There is a certain mindset behind creating a lifelong income. If you don’t have the right mindset and understanding you will lose focus and most likely quit or fail. The vast majority of people are brought up to think the ‘employee’ mindset it the way to be. With Call to action it’s completely the opposite. You have to think less like an employee and more like an investor and more like an entrepreneur. An investor is someone who puts money to use or devotes time or skills into something that is offering potential profitable returns. An entrepreneur is someone who sells a product or service for profit. But now a day’s most entrepreneurs own business forefronts and spend countless hours there. They either end up doing most of the work that their employees are designated to do or they don’t hire many employees at all to save money.  Therefore they are consistently working with little time for their family and loved ones.

To create a lifelong income with my own home business would be much more powerful than the above scenario. Just to recap I found out that it involves having repeat customers, modern day effective marketing, and the right mindset and understanding to keep focused on the goal. I’m imagining the possibilities of my future with Call to action from my retirement and from a home business that I can be proud of and that I enjoy! Something like this would allow convenience, more time with my family, and enough income to live my freedom. Compared to the modern work week, that sounds like a deal breaker to me!

To learn more about creating a lifelong income with your own home business check out this FREE report.

For more resources on creating a lifelong income with your own home business check out this FREE report.


Source by Kathlene Glover

Overcome The Downsizing Dilemma With Your Own Network Marketing Business

It seems like the business world is being turned on its head lately. Even the jobs that were traditionally seen as secure are more and more often being outsourced, leaving many workers without a job and without any viable prospects. Some skilled professionals end up working in a field that is entirely different from their specialty and making a considerably lower income because their jobs have been sent overseas or eliminated by corporate downsizing.

Everyone has heard the horror stories coming from today’s workplace: the dedicated employee who is laid off three months before retirement. The single mother who is working three jobs just to afford daycare and rent. The couple who can’t afford to send their children to college because their paychecks have been going toward bills, not savings.

Even those who are lucky enough to make it to retirement with their careers intact face a hard road. It looks very likely that Social Security won’t be providing any financial security for much longer, and many retirees are being forced to start second careers just to survive.

Add to that the facts that we are living much longer, retiring later and incurring long-term medical costs for age-related conditions. This all leads to a population of older folks who need a better solution for their working years.

What if you were able to work on your own terms? What if you could make enough money to pay all of your bills and put some aside every month in a savings or retirement account? The job security and income potential of a network marketing career have driven many people both experienced business people and newcomers to the field to adopt a self-directed

If you have spent tens of thousands of dollars or more on an education only to find that you are still vulnerable to the whims of the company or industry you work for, the chances are that you’re feeling let down. You can turn your situation back to your favor by embarking on a network marketing career. Network marketing has gotten a bad reputation from some people who would have you believe that it’s not a real business. The truth of the matter is that network marketing is not only a real business; it can change your life permanently.

In order to start a network marketing business, all that’s really required is some spare time, a computer, and the willingness to use or develop your networking skills. You don’t have to invest a huge sum of money, and there is no need to rent office space. You can run your network marketing job part-time from home in your pajamas if you choose.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a full-time commitment, network marketing lends itself very well to full-time work. The more time that you are willing to put in to developing your skills and building a network, the larger your income will be.

A network marketing business also gives you the unique ability to earn money for work you’ve already done. You can keep earning from contacts that you made months ago and the money can continue to grow indefinitely, depending on the particular product or service that you are representing. In general, your network marketing business will require more of a time investment at first, but once you have an established base of contacts you’ll have more time to yourself as your money grows.

The tax benefits of owning your own business can also be surprisingly high. Working from home means that you can claim your home office equipment and supplies as deductions on your taxes. Even things like utilities and internet charges may be counted as business expenses.

There has never been a better time to be your own boss. When you work for yourself, you don’t have to worry about layoffs, outsourcing, or pay cuts. You are in charge of your own income and your own future. A network marketing business offers you the freedom and flexibility to make your own decisions. You decide how many hours to put in each week; you decide whether to keep your day job or make network marketing your one and only endeavor. You decide how much money you will generate for the rest of
your career.

When you are ready to stop being a corporate slave and start working toward your own future, it’s time to learn more about network marketing. Take control of your future, develop your skills, and build the life that you’ve only been able to dream about from that office building cubicle.

Source by Antonio Mitchell

Manifest Wealth And The Importance Of Positive Thinking

We all chase the dream that we think of as wealth. Some people think that you can only play the hand you are dealt and if the cards are bad then you are destined to be poor. Others think that hard work will be rewarded by attracting abundance.

How to manifest wealth might be a topic that is alien to some people. But for the wealthiest people in the world, how to manifest wealth is just as easy and as natural as eating and sleeping. How can this be so? Do they hold some kind of power that helps them attract money and more money? Is it in the way they came into this world that created their wealth?

You can find any number of answers to those questions. You may think that some people are just born with the ability to create wealth, or maybe they just inherit it and don’t really need any ability. That makes it seem that only certain people will attain wealth and the rest will never learn about creating Call to action.

But there are others who also say, “No”. For these people, how to manifest wealth in their own lives can be a skill that can be developed. It is not some special privilege that only some people have and some don’t. People have it in them – the powerful ability of manifesting money. But it is something that should be developed and may not come as a sudden gift or innate talent.

The way to effectively manifest wealth has a lot to do with the power of positive thinking. It is sad that people believe less on the power of positive thinking than on the benefits of their actions. Most people dwell only on action to enable them to do things. But this will only limit their full potentials. They have to rely on something more. Positive thinking may help them reinforce what they already have.

The idea behind positive thinking is to reaffirm in your mind the truth of a certain position. Learn how to focus your mind on what you want to achieve, and the ability to take positive action in that direction will come to you.

The human brain is the powerful organ that separates us from the rest of nature, and for all of our achievements, most of that power remains unused. You can take this power and use it to manifest wealth and lead a successful life. You will need to develop this skill, but once you begin to see the effects of positive thinking it will reinforce your efforts both physically and mentally to achieve your goals.

Source by Thomas Turner

Home Income Portal – Official Site(s)

Recently people have been asking where the official site for Home Income Portal is located. If you are one of those asking the question, I have good news for you!.

I recently wrote an article entitled ‘My Home Income Portal, A Spectacular Success’ which was well received. You can Google the article and read it, if you wish. One of the questions I received after publishing the article gave me pause, however.

The question asked which url is the ‘real’ one for Home Income Portal, and what are all the other urls pointing to? In order to answer that properly, it is important to understand a little about the workings of the Home Income Portal website(s) in their entirety.

First off, when a person like you or me decides to become a Home Income Portal Franchise owner, we get the whole ball of wax. We get multiple websites spread across 106 highly visible ‘portals’ from which we can do business. Each of these websites is branded for the Franchise owner so it becomes uniquely ours and has it’s own url (x 106).

Add to that, the many income streams available to the Franchise owner, each available to produce income for its owner and with one or more unique url’s, and you begin to get a flavor for the size of this opportunity.

For example, everyone has heard of Amazon. Well, built into Home Income Portal is an opportunity to build an Amazon store featuring all the products you find on Neat, huh? Then there is Clickbank, the Digital Information Super Store. Again, if you are a franchise owner, you can open your own Clickbank store and market over 100,000 products privately branded for you. Follow that up with Commission Junction where you market Ebay products (from within your franchise). These are all direct sale opportunities. There are urls associated with each.

It doesn’t stop there. In addition to direct sales, there are several recurring income opportunities built into Home Income Portal. If you are not familiar with recurring income, let me explain. Recurring income is generated over and over and over for the effort expended just 1 time. Recurring income has the advantage of building stable income over a long period of time. Besides the Home Income Portal franchise itself being a recurring income opportunity, there are several others built into the franchise system.

Examples of recurring income inside Home Income Portal include Webdog, Pageswirl, 10 Millionhits, Group Mailer, Traffic Swarm, Traffic Magnet, and Banner Fiesta. All of these are subscription based business opportunities and have proven to provide long term, lucrative income sources for franchise owners. There is so much income potential in a Home Income Portal that owners are asked to subscribe to 4 separate Pay Provider income accounts to keep track of it all.

And by the way, did I mention that all Home Income portal pages are both Google Adsense and Pog Ads monetized to provide yet another income source: developing.

In summary, the confusion over which url for Home Income Portal is the official one, I believe the correct answer is all of them! Because the system is so massive, once the ball gets rolling, income can come pouring in from many directions and even that can be a challenge to keep track of… Those are the kind of challenges I enjoy.

If owning one of these franchises is of interest to you, I encourage you to do your own due diligence. See what it can do for you and your family and your future. I would welcome the opportunity to serve you. I cannot speak for the Company that offers this amazing opportunity, but I can put you in touch with them.

Cheers and God speed.

Virgil Lange


Source by Virgil Lange