Get To Know The Secrets Of Prosperity Gifting

I have realized lately that many people who are financially prosperous want to share their secrets to wealth.

A friends father recently started bringing in $140,000 a week in stock market trend trading. As his financial prosperity skyrocketed, he befriended more and more of his neighbors, generously offering his secrets so they could also transform their lives. These friends continue to meet with him at his new mansion.

There are entire networks and structures of financially prosperous people offering mentorship and resources. They are available to anyone with the trust and dedication necessary for the leap to a more prosperous lifestyle. I like to think of this generosity as prosperity gifting.

One such prosperity gifting structure is cash gifting. When I first came upon cash gifting, I was dubious. Was this a scam? Was this legitimate? Could I really be successful in creating learning of $250 to $20,000+ a week?

What I found impressed me. I researched several cash gifting programs, including TLC2003, The Overnight Cash System, and the Magnetic Cash Gifting System.

• I learned that cash gifting is legitimate. People participate in these programs to leverage extra funds (cash leveraging), get out of debt, create supplemental learning, or work only a few hours a week while bringing in substantially more income.

• A properly structured cash gifting program is legal. Cash gifts are legal under US IRS tax code Title 26, Sections 25012504 and 2511, and in other countries around the world. A properly structured cash gifting program is not a pyramid scheme, and does not violate any laws.

• Participants genuinely want to share their prosperity. The very act of joining a program – sending a $250$3500 gift to ones sponsor – takes trust and generosity. The team I joined earned my trust by their professionalism and generous support. New team members are immediately equipped with their own well written website, tools for managing their website and invitees, a training center, and access to special marketing services.

Success does require investment of effort and/or funds. I have found guidance and resources to promote a website at a range of budgets, from free to $2000 per month.

Cash gifting is an amazing network of people sharing financial prosperity. Imagine giving and receiving money just as you might give or receive a meal or a ride. If we lived in a society with less greed and lack and more generosity and abundance, how would you experience money? What would the world be if we freely gifted cash?

Source by Andrew gay

Some of the Most Profitable Online Jobs At Home

Earning from online jobs at home is becoming the new trend nowadays. By using the Internet, you can earn income even if you are at home and sitting in your living room. The Internet can become your private virtual office and you never have to worry about being late or pressured by your boss and peers.

For you to be successful in online jobs at home, you have to do your research and of course choose the right job or program. Online jobs at home are not as easy as you think, but with a lot of hard work, you are guaranteed a good source of Call to action.

Some of the online jobs at home include the following:

  • Blogging for cash. This is a popular online job at home. The mechanics is that you have to write reader worthy posts every day. This post is what earns you money. The more people that read your posts the more advertisers are likely to drop by and place their ads in your site. These advertisers in return pay you good money for every lead or sale that is generated from your site.
  • Sign – up in GPT (Get Paid To) programs. This kind online job at home involves completing specific tasks for money. Some tasks require reading emails, completing offers and sometimes posting in forums. If you love using the Internet, but have no time or skills to accomplish complicated jobs, then this is just right for you.
  • Freelance work. This is literally an online job at home. You will have a boss that monitors your progress everyday and tasks that make you feel like you are in an office. One rule in freelancing is that you have to always keep in mind quality of work and deadlines.

Having an online job can be rewarding. Aside from being able to spend time with your family, you can also cut down on costs of living. By working at home you no longer have to worry about high transportation costs and overpriced lunch meals. These are the costs that take a big chunk in your salary and if avoided can result in huge savings.

If you are some of the few that landed a good online job at home, you should really take care of it. Always be nice to your boss and never ever take your job for granted. Remember that not everyone is blessed to have a good job.

Source by Chad Wilson

Buying and Holding Investment Property—The Essence of Investment

With myriad options to flip, speculate, lease, rent, and the countless other ways to sink your money into real estate, it is my concern that investors have lost sight of the most fundamental strategy to earning money with property: buying and holding.  We find ourselves currently in a market that allows for the kinds of discount buys that have not been seen for decades, and in all likelihood will not return for years to come.  If you are a typical real estate investor, you entered into this industry in order to earn author_name (making money even when you aren’t clocking into and out of work), and there is no better way to do that over the long-term than to be the outright owner of properties that both appreciate and cash flow.

Like all investment portfolios, the best real estate investment portfolios are diversified.  This means that whether you are a flipper, speculator, developer, or whatever else, it can only be wise to taper those risks with investments which are designed to be held for appreciation and cash flow in the long run.  By the same logic, no one can expect with any degree of certainty to become a multi-millionaire by only buying and holding homes (obviously your capital would all be spent on your initial purchases).  Instead, play the short-term real estate game; accumulate some money; learn the important lessons of what to invest in, where, and when; and then buy that property, with no intention of ever selling it.

Owning properties is like having leverage in your own life.  Say you buy and hold five investment properties.  Every month, you will open your mailbox to find five new rent checks (totaling perhaps $5,000 – 10,000).  Your net worth is most likely a millionaire, since you are the outright owner of those properties.  You reserve the right to sell any or all of those properties in an expanding market to cash out.  Finally, you put in virtually no work hours to those properties to perpetuate their cash flow or appreciation, leaving you free to pursue other interests, hobbies, careers, or investments.

Although there is plenty of opportunity to earn a profit in the short-term real estate market, there are still some remnants of the age-old notion that buying property is always a smart investment.  Although it is no longer true that investors can expect a perpetually-expanding housing market (as in decades past), it is still true that owning a home can provide both income and opportunity for the savvy investor who manages the task responsibly.  Buying and holding an investment property should therefore not be overlooked even by the most motivated investors looking to get rich immediately, as it will be a healthy addition to any investment portfolio.

What do you think?

Source by Jay Redding

The Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Note that tax benefits are a bonus, not a reason to buy real estate. The idea is to make money first, and then save taxes on the income you receive.

How many of you would agree that the greatest expense you will have in your lifetime is taxes? Real estate can help you avoid taxes legally. There is a big difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. We simply want to take advantage of the legal tax ‘loopholes’ that Congress allows us to take, because since the founding of the United States, the laws have favored property owners. Today, the tax laws still contain ‘loopholes’ for real estate investors. Congress gives you all kinds of financial reasons to invest in real estate.

When you look at earned income, such as wages from your job, you could possibly be paying taxes on 50% of that income, counting federal, state, and FICA (Social Security and Medicare). If you sell a property you have owned for a year or more, the profit is considered investment income, and you pay only long-term capital gains tax on it, which is currently at 15%, which is a much better rate then 50%! If you hold the property as a rental property and you set up your real estate business correctly, the cash flow is considered learn, and you pay no tax whatsoever.

You can do even better than the capital gains rate if, instead of selling, you simply do a cash-out re-finance. The proceeds are tax-free! By the time you figure in taxes and selling costs, you could come out better by re-financing with more cash in your pocket than if you sold it outright, plus you still own the property and continue to benefit from the income on it!

Depreciation is one of the biggest tax benefits of all. Even though the property appreciates, Congress allows you to take a deduction for the depreciation, which assumes that it goes down in value. For example, you may own a property that is generating $15,000 a year in rental income and your expenses for that property is $8,000 a year. That leaves you with a pre-tax profit of $7,000. However, you may have a depreciation allowance of $8,000, using the charts from the IRS. Rather than having to pay tax on the $7,000 profit, your net income after deducting depreciation would be negative $2,000! In reality, you are making a $7,000 profit that is yours to keep, but as far as the IRS is concerned, you are making a loss of $2,000. This is known as a ‘paper loss.’ This ‘miracle’ deduction not only prevents you from paying taxes on your real estate, but can offset income from other sources, such as earned income from your job, as long as you meet certain IRS qualifications.

I call you blessed!

Billy O’Neal

Source by Billy O\’Neal

How to Save Faster

Regardless of the income you earn you should think about the use of a high interest savings account to safely store your extra funds and make your money grow. It’s a fact that many people leave their excess money in their main bank account that does not earn interest. Storing money in a non-interest earning account is a wasted opportunity and you can multiply you money over time through the use of a high interest savings product.

A high interest savings account generally yields an interest rate greater than 2.5%. Most of the high interest products offering the most competitive interest rates and online savings accounts such as HSBC and ING Direct.

Why Interest Matters

Larger capital growth occurs with a high interest savings account because you will receive interest on the principle amount of money that you put away into a savings account. The principle, combined with the interest that you earn on that principle, continues to build on itself – with little-to-no maintenance on your part.

For example, if you put away $10,000 into a high interest savings account, such as an online savings account, with an annual interest rate of 4.0%, you will have accrued $400 by the end of the year without having to lift a finger. By the end of the second year, you will have earned more than $800 – just for keeping your money in the high interest account.

The Emails that you receive from your high interest account can help you achieve financial security and build your nest egg … without the need for you to take up another job or working all the overtime you can get.

Rate of Inflation While earning Emails from your savings seems like a strategic way to, basically, earn money for doing nothing, keep in mind that there is a national rate of inflation, which is usually about 3% per year.

The rate of inflation is based upon the average increase in prices which therefore causes the real value of the dollar to fall. Therefore, if your money is tied into a high interest account that returns 4% interest a year, you have to subtract this rate of inflation in order to understand exactly how much your money is actually growing.

Types of High Interest Accounts

There are two popular types of high interest accounts that you may want to consider: money market accounts and CDs.

A money market account is directly linked to the Stock Market and is not guaranteed. As the market falls, so can your interest rate. However, because it is tied to the Stock Market, you can also lose your principle when you invest it into a money market. PayPal provides one of the most competitive money market accounts currently available online. A certificate of deposit (or CD for short) is a very stable high interest account with a fixed term and return. It is often available through online savings banks such as ING. When you put your money into a CDD you have to decide an initial period of time for the investment such as twelve months. During the agreed period your funds will grow according to the interest rate agreed. However, there may be penalties if you wish to remove your money before the period of time has expired.

There are a number of new online banks entering the market with names that may not be familiar to you so be sure to check out the company before handing over any money. One of the easiest methods is to do a search on the Better Business Bureau website and look for any claims filed against the company. Once you’re comfortable with your selection of accounts, start putting that money away to watch it grow!

Source by Richard Greenwood

How to Write an "advertise With Me" Letter

Regardless of your business model selling advertising space is a great way to add profits to your business. Before you can sell ad space however a website must meet several basic standards. It must have good search engine rankings, it must have high visitor traffic and it must appeal to a niche industry. Once your website meets those goals you can begin to search for paying advertisers.

One of the best ways to sell advertising space is through a direct appeal. This can be accomplished by researching relevant websites and approaching them either via telephone, by email or snail mail. A relevant website is a site which compliments your own business website. For example if you provide an information website on writing software then a relevant website or business may be someone who sells books on writing skills or coaches would be writers.

Another opportunity to connect with potential advertisers is when someone contacts you about your website. Perhaps they have a question about your products or services or perhaps they’re interested in trading or partnering. This situation provides an excellent opportunity to promote advertising on your website.

Regardless of whether you approach a potential advertiser directly or in response to an email you’ve received you’ll need an “Advertise with me” letter.

To be effective this letter will contain:

– Your website/business description
– A description of your target audience
– Statistics and data about your website search engine ranking
– Statistics and data about your website traffic volume
– If possible any case studies or examples of how other advertisers have improved their profits by advertising with you.

Be sure to include either a link to your advertising rates or a rate card. Also be sure to include a link to your website. You’d be surprised how many people forget this!

Like any business letter it’s important to be professional, to the point, and to follow up. Give the recipient a date upon which you will follow up and tell them how you will contact them. For example, “I will follow up with you via email in two weeks. Feel free to contact me at___________” if you have any questions or would like to get started today.

Not everyone will say yes and jump at the opportunity to advertise with you however by approaching them you will get a few yes responses and the Call to action will start coming in. Keep track of your no thank you responses and approach them again in a year when you can show them how your website traffic has increased or how other businesses have profited by advertising with you.

Source by Luca Di Nicola

Consider a Land Investment if You’re After High Returns

The value of land has been soaring over the years thus making it a highly profitable investment alternative. Because land is a finite commodity, it becomes more valuable as the years go by. So if you want a stable medium to long-term investment that offers the potential to earn astounding returns, then why not consider a land investment?

The continuously increasing population and migration of more people to towns and cities has brought about an ever increasing demand for housing. Because of the growing population, there is a need for towns and cities to increase in size, thereby leading to mounting demand for the development of the surrounding land. All these factors are what make land investment an appealing proposition.

The benefits of land investment

Investing in land has a number of benefits for those who want to take advantage of it:

* Price negotiation. When you purchase land, you have the opportunity to negotiate the price with the vendor especially if you’re dealing with a motivated seller. Oftentimes you can buy land priced below market value so you earn profits on the day of purchase.

* Low risk. Land is one of the safest investments there is. Because there is a limited amount of land, the price of land generally goes up over time. Since the number of households is set to grow rapidly, land remains constantly in demand.

* Strong returns. Due to the soaring demand for houses from an ever increasing population, land investment offers the potential to earn healthy returns. Investors with a 5-year land investment endeavour earn the equivalent of 30-35% annually which can equate to an estimated 400-450% of compounded returns.

* Passive income. Investing in land is completely passive which makes it a popular option with many investors. Land investment is easily managed thereby making it a passive and hassle-free strategy.You can even rent your land out to people who want to put horses on there for grazing or as a car park for example to generate an income in the meantime.

Robust growth

There is a significant demand for land for sale especially in London. As a result, there has been a rise in the price of land. The Government’s Valuation Office Agency pegged the increase at 23% – a rise that comes as the performance of shares and stocks go downhill. The agency predicts that land prices will soar by 8-9% annually in the next couple of years. Meanwhile prices of residential land for sale witnessed an astonishing eight-fold increase over the past two decades.

What to remember

Before you enter the land investment scene, it’s best if you have performed thorough consideration first. Be sure to exercise absolute care in your entry to the world of land investment because the quality of that entry influences your departure. Make sure that the land investment provider with whom you’re looking to make an investment with will provide you with a clear-cut entry to ensure that you will have a clear and concise exit strategy. Also be very clear on whether the land you are buying has planning permission or not and if not, then what are your realistic chances?

With a land investment, you do not have to be burdened with active management during its entire run. As long as you have made a wise choice by doing your homework beforehand, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an investment that offers the potential to reap soaring returns.

Source by Parmdeep Vadesha

Niche Funnel System Review – Scam by Desmond Ong?

A lot of people ask me if Niche Funnel System by Desmond Ong is worth spending hard earned cash on or is just another scam to avoid? I was one of the first who purchased the system and this my review on the product.

Being an affiliate marketer for couple of years, I’ve worked on countless different marketing ideas and sites, but none are as good as Niche Funnel System.

After buying countless products from various gurus (scam artists mostly), I’ve picked up many IM strategies and using various models from social media, CPA, PPC, affiliate marketing, SEO, when finally I discovered niche marketing.

Most of them are short term PPC, CPA, social media marketing where you make some profits at the beginning, but it last only for a short period of time and it did not sustain for long. And you will have to keep looking for another untapped markets when the ads become too competitive or the offer is taken down by advertiser.

Niche Funnel System is something very different that gives you long term residual income and business model that is long lasting and growing. You are only required to get your site to the first page of Google and you will get a stable amount of visitors every day.

There is a catch thought. Getting yout site listed on the 1st page of Google might be a tricky task. But it is not that hard as it might seem. All it takes is some time and couple of links pointing to your site. Niche Funnel System explains that in-depth on module #7.

Now, you have to decide whether you would like to make a long term make money online, where your profits double month after month.

As for myself, I am putting effort to build long lasting make money online websites every day and I really enjoy it.

P.S. If you purchase Niche Funnel System from the link below, you are entitled to receive my bonus package (worth over $1,085). The bonus package comprises of high value products that was specially chosen to help you achieve success at a faster pace.


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Tap Into Subconscious Mind!

I could fly! It was very fun. All I need to do is to think about it and I was flying. If I want to go to a place, then all that I need to do is to think about it and in a snap of a finger I was there. I could make decisions like in real life. It was like to be alive in a dream. I really enjoyed the dream. I could do whatever I want in the dream.

Alas all this was still a dream. But it felt so real while I was dreaming. Though I will like to have more of such dreams, they only occur once in a blue moon. Of course I was very curious about this kind of experience. After much research, I found that this kind of dream is termed as lucid dreaming.

Other than the enjoyment of such dreams, I have also learned that I can visualize my goal in such a way that it feels as real as my lucid dreaming. This is especially usefully for pursuing my dream of financial freedom as defined in the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki. Visualization helps me to tap on my subconscious mind.

Based on my understanding, an average person only use 10 percent of his brain consciously. The other 90 percent of the brain known as the subconscious mind remains untapped. This is where visualization comes into play. Apparently, words do not exist or make sense in the subconscious mind. The language of the subconscious mind is picture.

Why did I feel that the language of the subconscious mind is picture? Well, I dream in pictures when I sleep. I do not dream in words. When I meditate and my mind settles down to reach a subconscious state, I see my thoughts as pictures. My thoughts never arise as words. Thus, I conclude that the language of the subconscious mind should be picture to a certain extent. Please note that the language of the subconscious mind may consist of more than just picture.

Visualization makes use of pictures. To visualize the goal of financial freedom, I may imagine that I am already enjoying the lifestyle that I have wanted to achieve. I can travel anywhere that I want to go. I can have all kind of foods. I can buy anything without the need to worry about price and so on.

In this way, I communicate with my subconscious mind that I desire that specific goal. This will get my subconscious mind excited about my goal. My untapped mind will start to think of creative ways to reach that goal. This is how I can tap into my subconscious mind to create developing. Passive income is the key to financial wealth based on my understanding of the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki.

Other than using visualization, I feel that another way to tap into the unconscious mind is by meditation. This is based on my personal meditation experience. Meditation is a way of training the mind. One aspect of the training is making my awareness to be strong and sharp. When I have strong and sharp awareness, I become aware of my thoughts arising from the subconscious mind. Once I am aware of these thoughts, I can choose to alter these thoughts if I choose to.

For example, if I have a limiting belief arising subconsciously, then I will become aware of such a belief. I will then have a choice to replace such a belief. This is because a strong awareness allows me to direct my thoughts consciously in the untapped region of my brain.

These are the two techniques that I have found useful to work with my untapped mind. There are definitely other techniques available such as hypnotizing and listening to sublingual message. Personally, I do not prefer not to use these techniques because I am really not sure what is being programmed into my untapped mind.

For example, a tape of sublingual message that claims to instill successful ideas and concepts into the subconscious mind can instilled some other message as well. Thus, I am never comfortable using technique that I do not know of the content.

Please note that I am just simply sharing the techniques that I find useful. I am not encouraging you to use these techniques. They may or may not be useful to you. Try it out at your own risk. My purpose is to share with you that there are possible techniques to unleash your potential power from the untapped 90 percent of your brain.


The author, publisher and distributors particularly disclaim any liability, loss, or risk taken by individuals who directly or indirectly act on the information contained herein. All readers must accept full responsibility for their use of this material.

Source by Max Ng

The 3 Levels of Financial Evolution

What does wealth mean to you? Salary? Lifestyle? Money?

Most people are too busy with bill bills life, bills, life and some more bills. Our everyday existance has become a long slog at work to return home at night in order to pay our bills to keep us going.

Wealth is truely more than money- Money is the vehicle to allow us to do the things we like! Money in itself can make you rich. But here is a poser- when you earn more money, you tend to be able to spend it on more expensive things- but as these things cost you more you end up with the same thing- less money as your spending it. Therefore your path to true wealth should not rely purely on a job or salary- where you trade your time for money.

When you work for a company as an employee remember one key thing- They are paying you the bare minimum to keep you- they wont say oh that John Self he is a good guy lets pay him £50k more.

As I see it there are 3 main levels of financial evolution-

1) Pay Check Existence

This is where the majority of brits and the rest of the western world live. Main source of income= You bet, thier J.O.B.’s. Here you get paid for working the 9-5 (longer if your lucky 😉 )You hope your money lasts the month/2 weeks/ week that your paid for untill you get that golden paycheck- Here, another one of my NLHWH GEMS- Buy relying on this you get so dependent on it it makes you believe that work is the only way to create income, if you lost your job how would you cope????? What happens when that golden paycheck doesnt arrive??

Trouble is these people are usually scared as they have spent all of their money and Mr Mastercard/Visa comes into play-we can put it on the good ole credit card. We wont have to pay later. This adds to the building snowball of debt- but dont worry that paycheck should arrive……. soon

2) Passive Income

The Next tier is one that over 90% of the world miss out on- so if this is you congratulations your in the top 10% of the global population! You have heard that 10% of the world control 90% of the wealth??

Here money is earned passively- so that you earn money whether you want to or not! So go to bed, earn some money. Mainstream sources of this are shares, property, businesses, royalties etc.

What is important here is to get out of the mindset that the only way to bring in money is through a job! Imagine going to bed and waking up richer, not having to do the commute to work but stay in bed, spend time with the family, doing things you want.

3) Wealth

So  very few people get to this level and this is for many reasons- too many for this post, but into that basket go mindset, fear, unclear goals, poor education (financial) .

This stage is where you have enough learn you can lead the lifestyle you want. There is no magical number here, it can be as extravagant or as frugal as you like. Warren Buffet lived in the same house in the central Dundee neighborhood of Omaha that he bought in 1958 for $31,500!! He is possibly one of the biggest wealth creators of the modern age yet lives a fairly frugal lifestyle.

This does not have to be you- at this level you will have invested carefully, created multiple streams of income and therefore you can do as you please! People like Bill Gates, Michael Yardney all have massive learns but also spend their money on what they want- Michael Yardney travels the globe, Jamie McIntyre has an amazing waterfront property in one of the most sought after areas in Australia along with a huge country retreat in country New South Wales.

My questions for you

* What level of financial evolution are you in?
* Do you live beyond your means?
* How many investments do you have?
* Where does your income from?
* How financially educated are you?

Happy wealth creation

John Self

Source by John Self