Carbon Copy Pro – Craig Schulze and Aaron Byerlee

Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system & purpose built system to create huge amounts of developing. It is a marketing system that provides solutions for network marketers. The one key ingredient required for success is the ability to drive traffic to the sales page.

Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that promotes a “top-tier” direct sales opportunity and probably offer a greater potential to build a substantial income in network marketing as opposed to a “traditional” mlm compensation plan. Carbon Copy Pro claims to be an automated, turnkey marketing system. One of the major challenges faced by many network marketers is driving targeted traffic to a lead capture page.

Finding a marketing program that actually works can seem impossible. When you’re desperate to achieve financial freedom, you don’t have the time to waste looking at bad opportunities. You need to find a system that works for you in generating sales. You need a system that is designed to put money in your pocket immediately (not weeks from now) when your support team makes a sale. If you’ve been disappointed with the quality of other programs, you owe it to yourself to find out more about Carbon Copy Pro.

Carbon Copy Pro was created to automatically deliver the marketing support that members need to succeed. Instead of leaving members to live or die on their own efforts, a structured system is built to instantly put prospects in front of skilled marketing professionals. Members can simply send people to their website. Once there, the experts take the reins.

Carbon Copy Pro Dream Team are also in the process of creating some hands on tools. Stay tuned for our interactive super session on traffic generation and Internet Business to make money online.

Make sure you visit our system Carbon Copy Pro and see how it works for yourself. Do the application and make the low cost investment that will set you into financial freedom. Get Free E-Book related to promotional techniques by submitting your name and email id.

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Regenesis 2×2 How Do The Commission Centers Work? Make $1200 Every Month!

Hi my name is John Hostick

Today i’m going to tell you how Regenesis 2×2 commission centers work. When you join Regenesis 2×2 you are purchasing one commission center. Each commission center is worth $1200 every month in developing. So basically each commission center will pay you $1200 every month, and there’s no limit to how many Regenesis 2×2 commission centers you can purchase.

The way you make more than $1200 per month with your Regenesis 2×2 commission center is sponsor others people into your commission center. Each person you sponsor will add $400 a month to your $1200 a month developing. So if you sponsored 10 additional people that’s $4000 extra your be making, so your total income every month will be $5200.

For example lets use me I personally sponsored 24 people that I know of into Regenesis 2×2. Once all 24 people cycle they are going to recycle back to me and follow me into my new matrix somewhere because i’m there sponsor. It only take 6 people to fill a matrix(Commission Center), so when all 24 people recycle back to me that will cause me to cycle 4 times this could happend in one day. Plus i’m going to get my matching bonuses when all 24 cycle.

So every month all 24 people are going to cycle once if they be passive, this is going to cause me to make $9600 in matching bonuses every month for life. Plus i’m going to make another $1600 every month for life becuase they all recycle back to me when they cycle.

So my total income every month will be

$9600 in cycling commission
$1600 in recycling commission
$1200 in passive commission
my total monthly income for life =$12,400

So as you can see you could make a huge income with a Regenesis 2×2 commission centers. So if your looking for some quick easy money join Regenesis 2×2, and purchase a commission center. So you can get your $1200 every month in developing just like me, and people all around the world are doing.

To Your Success!
John Hostick

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The Best Dividend Stocks – The Dividend Aristocrats

As a tool for creating steady , the dividend has stood the test of time. Studies show that from 1926 to 2004, dividends accounted for 35% of shareholder returns. However, after adding in the powerful effects of reinvesting the dividends and compounding, dividends returned over 25 times more than price appreciation.

During the tech bubble/ boom of the late 90’s, many investors ignored dividend paying stocks when looking for the best stocks to buy. However, that’s no longer the case, as now, even many tech companies have begun paying dividends.

In fact, since 2003, CNN reports that “there were over 100 dividend increases and initiations among tech firms, vs. 4 dividend cuts. Initiating dividend payouts helped these companies to win back investor confidence soon after the Internet bubble burst.”

So what makes this group of dividend stocks so special? After all, not every dividend stock is worth buying, even if it pays a very high dividend. As a matter of fact, an abnormally high dividend yield can often be a warning signal to income investors to avoid a stock, even though it may have the highest dividend in its peer group.

What distinguishes the S&P’s Dividend Aristocrats group is that these are stocks which have increased their dividends for the past 25 consecutive years. Remarkably, some of these companies have increased their payouts for over 50 years running. These are stocks with a long, steady history of dividend growth, to say the least.

Logic would also suggest that any company that can make these consistent increases, must have a strong business model, with ample cash flow to support their payouts through both good and bad economic cycles. However, since the current economic downturn of 2008-2009, some of these firms have actually cut their dividends, and will be eliminated from the group next year.

So, which companies in this group are actually the best stocks to invest in? Should you just buy stocks with the highest dividend yield, or is there a better way to find the best dividend stock to invest in?

First of all, take a look at the industry sectors: Are there attractive stocks in a beaten-down or currently lagging sector, such as health care, or utilities? For example, these 2 sectors are only up 6.5% and 7.1%, respectively, in 2009, whereas the basic materials sector is currently up over 27%!

As a value investor, you may want to seek out stocks who haven’t made huge dramatic runs up to new highs, but, rather, have been somewhat left behind. The trick to this strategy is making sure that the stock or its peer group doesn’t have serious internal problems, or external problems. For example, tobacco companies were solid stocks to invest in for many years, until their related health problems emerged.

Always compare a firm to its peers to get a clearer picture of its strengths and weaknesses. A good place to do this is the clearstation website, which has a pulldown menu with a feature called “key ratios”, with which you can compare a stock to its industry, sector, and the S&P simultaneously. You’ll see comparisons of many metrics, including: market cap, sales per employee, dividend yield, dividend growth rate, return on assets, return on equity, return on investment, p/e, price to book, price to cash flow, debt to equity, and many other metrics.

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What is the Prosperity Automated System and Why Should you Consider It?

The Prosperity Automated System (or PAS) is one of the most advanced internet business opportunities available on the internet today. It provides a totally develop as well as the benefits of promoting multiple income streams. If you are looking for an internet business opportunity then PAS is probably something that you need to consider.

1. The PAS System creates a develop stream for you
The PAS system creates a develop stream that can take as little as nine minutes per week to manage. If you are trying to find an internet business opportunity while still working at your day job then this definitely is an advantage. Once you have your develop stream bringing in enough money to live on you can then choose to do what you like with the extra time on your hands.

2. The PAS system allows you to build multiple income streams
The PAS system allows you to advertise up to seven products at the same time. Building multiple income streams is important for the stability of your business and you should always look into this when working online. PAS allows you to advertise all these products passively therefore greatly reducing the amount of time you would need to spend advertising your individual products.

3. PAS does your selling for you
Perhaps the biggest hindrance for many people in starting their own business on or offline is the fact that they feel they will need to sell to people and for many people this can be a really frightening prospect. With PAS however they do all you’re advertising and selling for you. You can help drive prospects to your website but they will call them and weed out those that are serious from those that are not. If you do not wish to do any marketing yourself then PAS can also help you market your website.

4. PAS uses advanced marketing techniques so you don’t have to
PAS uses not only search engine traffic to drive people to your website but also PPC advertising, radio campaigns, voice broadcasting, high profile offline advertising and will soon be seen on CNN. Few people have this kind of influence to reach so many people but by leaving your advertising in the hands of PAS staff you will be able to reach all these mediums.

In summary PAS is one of the most advanced online business opportunities you can get involved in today and gives you the chance to build a develop stream on multiple income streams while it does all your selling for you using advanced marketing techniques and you just sit back to see the dollars rolling in.

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3 Easy Steps To Generate Internet Residual Income

One of the best ways you can create a successful cash flow with your home based business opportunity is to generate internet residual income. Residual income, also known as make money online, is a cash flow stream that generates income without your direct involvement.

For example, if you own a property and collect rent on it, that rent is considered make money online because you did not, as the Internal Revenue Service puts it, “materially participate” in earning that income. Internet based opportunities are particularly susceptible to generating residual income because you can set up make money online streams through advertisements, commissions, merchandise sales, and other methods. If you want to generate residual income, there are three easy steps to get started:

1.    Have a Plan

First, you want to create a plan for generating make money online. Let’s begin with the end first. What goals do you have in mind? Do you want to become independently wealthy, living off make money online alone? Or do you want to continue earning cash directly, and generate make money online as a side business? Depending on how much you want to earn, you will need to craft a plan that helps you reach your goals. If you want to earn a sizable income, your plan will need to be more aggressive than if you want to earn a little cash on the side.

You can generate this extra cash by working with affiliate marketing programs or using pay per click campaigns on your website. You can also find ways to merchandise your business opportunity online; for example, Ebooks are very popular ways to earn make money online and establish your authority in a particular subject.

2.    Create a Win-Win Atmosphere with Your Team

You can also generate make money online by working with a team of salespeople in a method known as network marketing. In this marketing system, you recruit people to sell your products and you earn a commission on their sales. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for you as the entrepreneur and for them as your sales staff, and you should foster a win-win relationship to help grow this kind of make money online stream for your company. They benefit because they earn income from every sale they make. You benefit because they are out in the field, actively promoting your company and you earn a percentage of each sale.

Teamwork can bring a true entrepreneurial spirit to your burgeoning company, and you should capitalize on this spirit by rewarding your team with bonuses and other incentives for a job well done.

3.    Build Lasting Personal Contacts

Finally, you can generate make money online by building lasting personal contacts with your customers. A lot of make money online can be generated simply with repeat business, so be sure you give your customers a reason to come back. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of building up their sales staff and neglecting to grow a steady customer base. It doesn’t matter how many salespeople you have, if you don’t have an audience for your products, you won’t be able to close a sale.

The average customer retention rate in this economy is a mere three months. Try to find ways to keep your customers coming back for more, long after that three month mark. Build a lasting and personal relationship with your client base, and they will reward you with repeat business, allowing you to generate a stable make money online stream.

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Residual Income Generated in Your Own Home Based Business

Copyright (c) 2008 Jim Suzak

An income that is earned on an ongoing basis for an effort which was done once in the past is called residual income. Sometimes it is also known as learning and when it comes to your home based business effort, the idea is to get paid over and over for doing the work one time.

This article will show you three home based business residual income opportunity tips to help you choose the right products and programs in which you can promote in your home based business.

It is better to choose residual income programs that pay you on the efforts of others. This means that you will need to recruit other affiliates to do selling and promoting for you. The benefit to doing this is duplicating yourself and multiplying your efforts without spending more of your personal time.

If you recruit an affiliate who will spend several hours a week promoting and you spend some time also selling, you now have duplicated your time spent on building a residual income. What if you had 10 people who could spend 40 hours a week? You now have created a powerhouse creating residual income for yourself.

One way that this has worked out over the years is in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing creates residual income for you when you build a downline of distributors (affiliates) who are buying and selling products. With every product that is sold you earn a commission.

Two tier affiliate marketing programs is yet another excellent way to create residual income. Although you will not be able to create depth in a downline distributorship like multi level marketing, you will be able to enroll front line affiliates and get paid on all of their efforts when you are in a two tier affiliate marketing program.

Strong affiliate marketers can be excellent people to recruit because they are very sales oriented. Many average ordinary people join a network marketing business with the idea that they can get rich.

Actually, most people who join an internet marketing business will never sponsor anybody personally. So, you are never able to generate a large downline of people like this. However, if you play the numbers eventually you will find enough frontline network marketing distributors that will go on and build a group of their own.

The best home based business residual income tip I can offer you is to spend your time recruiting. One way to create residual income and duplicate yourself without spending more time doing it is to get paid on the work of other people. This will guarantee that you will receive a strong residual income in the future.

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The Benefits and Risks of Selling a Lease Option on Your Home

When buying a home, there is more than one way to finance the home. Most people arrange financing through a bank, called the mortgage. Instead of borrowing the money from the bank, it is also possible to borrow the money from the home seller. This is known as an owner financed transaction. Another common way to own a home is to promise to buy the home with a mortgage in the future and make monthly payments to the seller until that time. This is a lease option. It is in essence renting the home, but with the option to purchase at a pre-determined price if you want to. For both the buyer and seller of a lease option, there are advantages and disadvantages. For the seller of a lease option, the advantages and disadvantages depend mostly on your personality and the amount of equity you have in the home.

For most people, a lease option is no option. When I ask people if they would consider a lease option, very very few say yes. When asked why, the answers vary from just not knowing how it works to not willing to take the risk. Though there is greater risk in a lease option over a direct sale, there are also greater potential rewards. The risk adverse person may not want to offer a lease option though the risks are generally less than what you are exposed to in the stock market. In the follow article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of offering a lease option when selling your home.

The main advantages of a lease option for a Seller include (1) More potential buyer for your home (2) getting your asking price or more for your home (3) Emails. If you were also considering a rental, there are additional advantages. These include (1) a substantial upfront payment (2) occupant has vested interest in keeping the home in good condition (3) occupant is responsible for replacements and repairs, not the owner.

The major disadvantages of a lease option for a seller include (1) limited access to home equity (2) still responsible for the mortgage whether the occupant pays you or not (3) risk of damage to the home by the occupant (4) loss of access to future property growth. Each advantage and disadvantage will be discussed more specifically below:

1. Advantage: Having an immediate buyer. Like all free trade markets, the housing market continually shifts between a buyer’s and a seller’s market. In a seller’s market, buyers are readily available and willing to pay asking price or more for the home. However, eventually all seller’s markets turn to buyer’s markets. At this point, there are few buyers, who can take their time and offer less for your home. A common driving force for a buyer’s market is higher interest rates and a lack of readily available financing. In this scenario there are fewer buyers because a substantial percentage of the buyers cannot get financing through conventional means. In the current market, credit is the major issue. Banks are having to hold fast to their cash reserves to stay afloat and are only willing to provide mortgages to only the best credit scores. In this situation, there is a glut of buyers sitting on the sidelines, with plenty of cash flow to own a home but lacking the credit to buy a home. Offering a lease option gives these buyers a chance to purchase you home when otherwise they could not. For the person in a hurry to sell their home this could mean everything.

2. Advantage: Typically for a seller to agree to a lease option, the buyer needs to agree to purchase the home in the future at the asking price or at a higher price. The seller is yielding up their future appreciation to the buyer by setting a permanent contract and should expect to get their asking price or more. The seller should also expect to get some money down to partially cover the risk of the person choosing not to exercise their option.

3. Advantage: Along with the favorable selling price, the seller will also receive monthly payments to cover the seller’s monthly expenses and possibly more. How much more depends on the conditions in which the seller bought their home. If the interest rate is lower than the current rate or if there is equity in the home, the monthly payment the buyer would be expected to pay will be more than the monthly expense. The difference is income with virtually no work involved. There is probably not much hope for Emails if you have a high interest rate adjustable mortgage with negative equity, but in that situation, a short sale of your home may be a better option if available.

4. Advantage: Lease options are considered less risky than renting because of the down payment the buyer makes and the vested interest the buyer has in the home. I personally would not consider a lease option if the buyer did not offer a significant down payment because it would be too much like renting. Something that I find a little risky for my tastes. However, with a lease option, the buyer is expected to make a down payment to secure the advantages of the option, including access to future appreciation. In the lease option, the buyer has two very good reasons to keep the home: the down payment and the potential of equity growth. Unlike a rental, the home has been sold; it is just the transaction that will occur in the future. The buyer is now responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the home, not the seller.

5. Disadvantage: One big disadvantage of a lease option is limited access to the home equity. When you offer a lease option, you must maintain your current mortgage and any other loans on the home or pay them off yourself. If you have thousands of dollars in equity in the home, that money will not be made available until the lease option is exercised. Sure, you could refinance your mortgage to get the equity out, but will incur the costs of the refinance and a higher interest rate, which is probably not worth it. As such, the rate of return on your money over the life of a lease option is dependent on how much equity is tied in your home. With little to no equity in a home, a lease option can result in a very high relative rate of return on your money. Even with a lot of equity, the option can be quite profitable.

6. Disadvantage: A lease option is an expressed intent by the buyer to purchase your home in the future. They pay you some money down, but have no obligations except to pay you a monthly payment until that time. However, there is a risk they do not pay you on time or at all. However, as far as your own mortgage is concerned, it must still be paid, and if the occupant has not given you the money to pay the mortgage, you must dig into your own pockets to find the money. Fortunately, you have the down payment to fall back on though only for a while. A lease option is a safer bet when you have enough income to afford that second mortgage payment.

7. Disadvantage: If the lease option buyer chooses not to buy the home during the lease period, then the home falls back to your possession along with the costs of repairs, if any. If they do not exercise their option, you do get to keep the down payment which helps to pay for any restoration provided the repairs do not exceed the amount of the down payment.

8. Disadvantage: When you sign a lease agreement, the seller obligates themselves to sell the home in the future for a predetermined price. If the price of the home increases in value over the life of the lease option, the buyer benefits from the value increase provided they choose to exercise their lease option.

In summary, we have discussed numerous advantages and disadvantages to offering a lease option. Ultimately, it depends on your situation. If your mortgage payment is too much of a burden for you and you need to sell fast, offering a lease option will bring more buyers offering a larger selling price. You must also look at your personality. If you do not feel comfortable with another person using a home that you are ultimately responsible for, a lease may not be good. However, if you are comfortable with other people living in the home, have a decent interest rate on your current mortgage, and are investment oriented, a lease option may be just right for you as the Emails can range from 20% to 100% of your invested equity per annum. A handsome return for a low risk investment.

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How to Earn Extra Money with the Best Residual Income Business Approach

We could all do with some extra money every month, regardless of how much it is. I don’t know about you, but any amount that I make outside of my regular salary makes me feel good. Sure, I will be happy if my boss gives me a raise, but it isn’t the same joy I get from the extra money that comes from my residual income business.

What is Residual Income Business

It is a means of generating extra money for you each month and this can be in the form of a learn. For the record, a learn is not the same as a residual income. Passive income is one that does not require you to work, like a stock dividend for instance. Income that comes from your residual income business may or may not require your direct involvement though.

What is the Best Residual Income Business

In my opinion, that has to be the Internet Business. First, it allows you to work anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. Second, the startup cost is extremely low compared with other businesses. You don’t need a lot of money to make extra money. Third, the risk is very low, so you can afford to fail and try again and again. Next, you can run an instant global business with worldwide audiences. That is the power and beauty of the internet.

How do You Start an Internet Residual Income Business

The quickest way to start is to promote affiliate products and earn a commission by doing so. This is known as Affiliate Marketing. With that, you don’t even need to create your own products.

First, you think of the kind of products that you want to promote. This should be something that interests you so your passion will continue to drive your effort. Then, find a product that you can recommend that pays you a fee for doing so. Next, create a website or a blog and drive traffic to your site. Your weekly extra money is generated from visitors who make purchases through your recommendations.

Now, duplicate that effort with a few other websites promoting other products and there you go, you have a simple but profitable Internet Residual Income Business running.

Can I Do It

Anybody can run an internet business today. You just need to get the right tools to start making extra money online.

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