Forced Gifting Review-Is This $5 Cash Gifting Program a Scam?

This Forced Cash Gifting Review will explain the highlights and how this system works to create learning for you.

The best feature of the Forced Income system is you can earn just by being in the program even if you never refer anyone. With 5$ cost, there is very little risk of losing anything and you can make an income online from your home.

Here are the highlights I found attractive:

* No sponsoring required
* No monthly or Admin fees
* No waiting for payouts  
* Get paid instantly

The Forced Gifting system is based on a 3×4 structure and you receive spillover and spillunder. To give you an example of how fast it moves, I filled 2 levels in 48 hours.

A nother reason thsi cash gifting system works fast is that if an account does not at least upgrade to level 1 (5 dollars one time fee) the system automatically deletes the account. This prevents the system from stalling. has 8 levels that you may participate in. You start from level 1 by paying $5 to your direct upline. Once your payment is confirmed you may promote your referral link and receive spillover and spillunder from your upline and downline members. Your 1st  level referrals pay you $5 each (totaling $15), your 2nd level referrals pay you $10 each (totaling $90) and so on.

Here is the breakdown of the 8 level structure:

1.     5 USD     3 – Members.     15 USD
2.     10 USD     9 – Members.    90 USD
3.     20 USD     27 – Members.  540 USD
4.     30 USD     81 – Members.  2430 USD
5.     50 USD     3 – Members.    150 USD
6.     75 USD     9 – Members.    675 USD
7.     100 USD 27 – Members.    2700 USD
8.     200 USD 81 – Members.    16200 USD

Total Earnings Paid: 22800 USD

As with all programs there are no guarantee of earnings, but the forced nature of the system will put you at break even with only one in your first level

For a newbie or novice trying to  find a business to make money online and can”t afford high cost programs the cash gifting system is certainly for you.

Source by Charles Calvert

Rodan And Fields Review – Scam Or Legit?

For those of you who are researching Rodan + Fields for your home based business, I will be answering some key questions in my Rodan + Fields review.  Who is this company?  Do they offer high quality and high demand products for you to build a business around?  Does Rodan + Fields offer a legitimate business opportunity?  Lets take a closer look in this Rodan + Fields review.

With their roots dating back to 2002, Rodan + Fields was established by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields with a mission to provide people access to solutions for a wide range of skincare needs.  They offer a wide range of skincare products to reverse the effects of aging, acne breakouts, and irritated and red skin.  They also provide moisturizers, and other products to protect from and reverse the effects of the sun.

For those who desire to become a Rodan + Fields Consultant, you can do so for an investment of $45.  This will provide you with your Business Portfolio to assist you in achieving a successful start in your new business.

The Rodan + Fields compensation plan offers 4 income streams to participate in as you acquire customers, achieve sales, and begin to grow your organization through your recruiting efforts.  These include:

1. Retail Profit
2. Consultant & Personal Team Commissions
3. Executive Team Overrides
4. Performance Bonuses

As you increase your sales volumes, and grow the size of your organization, Rodan + Fields will reward you accordingly.  Lead your downline to success in their business, and you will be given the ability to build a residual and learn in the compensation plan that Rodan + Fields employs.

What kind of training can I expect as a new Rodan + Fields Consultant?

Rodan + Fields trains their new Consultants to utilize traditional methods involved in network marketing.  Meaning, you will be encouraged to contact friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who you feel would benefit from their products, and the business opportunity that they offer.  Your training as a new Consultant will be based upon these methods. 

In my opinion, Rodan + Fields is a legitimate business.  They offer products that will be utilized by a multitude of individuals to address their skincare needs, proving that they are not a scam.  If you have the desire to build this business using the methods that Rodan + Fields will encourage, and if you have a passion for the products that they offer, Rodan + Fields is a very solid opportunity to participate in.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a home based business for you and your family.

Source by Dave Fennell

How To Catch The Best MLM Company

So instead of pitching you on my MLM company, like 99.99% of everyone else online would do, I am actually going to give you some very valuable information, then I will tell you about my primary program.  This information,  if used correctly, can land you in the best MLM company and give you a REAL chance at creating a very attractive author_link in this industry.  Before we continue, I want you to remove any preconceived notions you have had about the MLM industry and keep your mind completely open.  There are plenty of people who are 5,6 and 7 figure monthly incomes, but only because they are with the RIGHT COMPANY.  Just read this information and then at the end, you can make a decision.

So why in the world should you listen to me?  What gives me any right to speak about the MLM industry?  In case you were wondering, those are both great questions.  The reason why I am able to speak about MLM companies and the industry as a whole is because I earn a full time income from my MLM company and have been in the industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work.  3 years, 50+ leads per day and 5 figures per month doesn’t lie!

Before you join any MLM company there are some areas you must evaluate thoroughly.  These specific areas include:

1.  Product Demand? –  Is there a demand for the product?  When it all comes down to it, the product is either going to make or break any MLM company.  If the product is in high demand you may want to consider this company.  If the product is not in demand, run very far away!  Another consideration is your target market.  Even with an in demand product, you will want to determine if you can narrow down a market who really needs the product.  For example, a liquid nutritional product that helps with weight loss would sell like crazy if you targeted specifically weight loss enthusiasts, not just anyone you came in contact with.

2.  Payout? – Not all compensation plans are created equal.  The average payout in the MLM industry is 50%.  The specific company you are looking at may be more or less, but just make sure it is above 50%.

3.  Retention Rate? – This is very import, especially when you start to build momentum and grow your team.  A retention rate is the percentage of your downline that remain with the company, either a customer or distributor on your team.  The average retention rate is around 15%.  This is why many people struggle in MLM.  As many distributors as they can put in at the top, there is also a steady flow of people falling out at the bottom.  This is also know as the “leaking bucket effect.” In order to safeguard yourself from retention nightmares, you will want to find a company that has at least a 60% retention rate.

4.  Can You Support The Product? – One question I ask many of my coaching client is “would you sell this product to your mother?”  It’s as simple as that.  If you would not sell the company’s product to your own mother than you need to look for another MLM company.  If that doesn’t do it for you, then put it like this.  How in the world can you expect other people to purchase the product and join the business opportunity if YOU don’t even support the product?

There are a few other considerations you may want to look at, but these are by the far the most important if you are trying to create a long term, author_link with an MLM company.  Now comes the part where I want to introduce you to my MLM company and why I feel it is the best MLM company, period.  After analyzing and comparing over 100 separate companies over the last 3 years, this was the one I finally decided to invest 100% of my time in.  Instead of spilling all the beans I am going to give you some statistics and highlights of the company.  Below you will have the chance to watch a video presentation so you can discover why this company is so special.

  • Retention Rate – 93% ( industry average 15%)
  • Payout – 68% (industry average 50%)
  • Overall Product Value – $3,500,000 / Price – $99.95
  • Cost To Ship -$0.00
  • Start Using Right Away

You can tell from these figures that isn’t your average company.  To get a better understanding of my personal company follow the link below.

Source by Joey Fratantoni

The Truth About Push Button Extreme

Considered by many to be the most explosive and sustainably lucrative money matrix ever seen online, this program may be the answer for many who have tried and failed to make money online in the past.

Though it is not a get rich quick type of program and the initial entry is $104 ($69 onetime + $35 per month) plus $89/ month for the suggested ProPack marketing kit seems a bit steep, their promise of “Just get in line, and GET PAID!”(without referrals) does seem to be being kept. At least in the first couple of weeks since launch.

To quote the site:

“Income from the EXTREME Matrix is part of the Profit Share System. This is a cycling matrix… meaning you continuously “Hit the Top, and GET PAID” over and over again as new members and existing members who cycled are placed below you in the matrix… With no personally referred members you can cycle up to five times per week. Five cycles would have you earning $495 per week, or $1,980 per month! Zero recruiting necessary!!
Commissions are paid once per week on Friday.”

Indeed, without any referrals our tester cycled the first time in only 3 days for a $27 commission, to be paid to the free international debit card you can order once your commissions reach $20. We will update you when the card is received as to the time frame to get it.

In exploring the system and it’s various products we found the following:

1) The sites messenger system PBX Messenger has not worked since before launch.

2) The site gives you 1 personal turnkey website and 3 lead capture url’s connected to 1-5 customizable capture pages that You must set up and/or add content to. (not necessarily linked to PBX)

3)The Push Button Traffic system you get when you order the optional Push Button Traffic has unlimited autoresponders and campaigns with “fresh leads” installed. The mass mailing system contains one series of 45 attention grabbing, heavily tested emails that are sent over a 45 day period. The first email in the series is called the Primary email. The Primary email is sent to your entire list of leads every 7 days.

4)When you hit the top of the matrix you are cycled to the bottom to help push others to the top.

When our tester cycled he went to the bottom and supposedly needed 25 to cycle or be placed under him. However when he checked the number again it had changed to 57. Hmmm.

Again this is with no referrals which limits you to cycling a maximum of 5 times per week. However, The site claims that if you have at least 1 referral you can cycle unlimited times.

5)The additional bonuses at PBX are earned by either being a top referer or selling the products of PBX (the ProPack) so if you have no referrals who are you selling the products to?

And how far up the referrer list do you have to be in order to get paid the bonuses?

Come back to read the answers we get when we research the knowledge base and contact support.

Source by Harold Lundy

Forex Automoney – Best Forex Signal Service

Forex Trading is the easiest way to start making a learn at the comfort of your own home. Forex trading is the largest market in the world and has the largest possibility of earning huge income in this path. Trading the forex was not that easy but with the boom of technology many forex trader found secret tools that will help them dig and create online wealth without going through the pain of losing and gambling. Forex isn’t located in any particular city or town. As a matter of fact it isn’t located anywhere, it is entirely electronic. All you need to start investing money on Forex is ONE dollar and access to the Internet.

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These easy to fulfill requirements are the reason why millions of people invest their money on Forex every day. There’s no need for any specialized knowledge or skills to become a Forex trader. The crucial thing is to know which button to press. So far this all seems more like lottery than a method for a steady income. That’s it. Many people feel that investing in Forex is more like gambling, and they don’t treat it seriously. Actually the majority acts this way. Why? Because in order to make sensible investing decisions you have to know what you are doing. You need time and skills to figure out which button to press. Most people don’t have time and skills to achieve this, and therefore they lose money.

Why do many forex trader succeed? They always use proper software that makes the decisions. Only machine, a powerful computer that analyzes all the data from the the market is able to make the right decision. Machines don’t have emotions, they don’t know what fear or greed means, and they never act according to intuition. They obtain the results by means of calculation, and this makes them the best advisers. I hope by now you heard about Forex Automoney, a powerful forex trading software that has been used by many forex trader who really want to make huge income.

So let’s start with our review, what is forex automoney? Forex Automoney is a proven, tested and tried forex trading signals generator. This piece of software spits signals that will allow trader to decide when to place their trade. You will see 2 buttons, Buy and sell. This are 2 important button that will determine your trading success. What I like about Forex Automoney is it doesn’t involve complicated indicators and graphs. It is simple and easy to follow currency trading signals. This is a ready made buy/sell signals generated by highly specialized, intelligent and self improving software. This software produce $4,000 pips trading profits last year, so in case of proof I can say that this is really great system. It is also 100% mechanical.

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I also like the system because of it’s simplicity and effectiveness. There are lot of trading gurus who claims that their system works but actually they just give you the same craft that you already tried they just put a new packaging and presented the product to the public, but most of this software just clog your system, they didn’t actually help you. But Forex Automoney was designed to give you easy, faster but effective trading signals. The system also create signals in three time frame which you don’t ordinarily seen on most forex trading system.

Who will benefits from forex automoney? If you are just a beginner who really want to try forex trading, I can say that Forex Automoney is perfect for you. If you are dead serious 9-5Er’s who really want to make extra money this will be a very good opportunity. To make our story short Forex Automoney is for everyone, expert and beginner alike even without prior trading experience.

This powerful piece of forex software is not a piece of garbage. This is actually the real deal. I already reviewed a lot of forex trading products and I found Forex Automoney second to none. Maybe it’s time for you to take some action now. Start making real money and enjoy life!

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Source by Pilan Donys

Free Money For Investing In Film Projects

Did you know you can immediately deduct the cost of Qualified Film Productions? When coupled with the available state film production incentives, initial returns of 50-70% on your investment can be attained in the first year.

Section 181
Previously, some costs of film production were recoverable through depreciation deductions spread over a period of years. However, the 2004 Tax Act added a new Section 181 to the Internal Revenue Code that allows a current deduction for the cost of “qualified film or television productions” in the year of the expenditure.
For any qualified film or television production that commences before January 1, 2010, a taxpayer may elect to deduct expenses in an amount not to exceed an aggregate cost of $15,000,000. The limitation is increased to $20,000,000 if a significant amount of the production expenditures are incurred in areas eligible for designation as a low-income community or eligible for designation by the Delta Regional Authority as a distressed county or isolated area of distress. A production is treated as commencing on the first date of principal photography.
The “aggregate cost” of a qualified film or television production may include all costs previously required to be capitalized, such as (a) development costs, (b) general and administrative costs, (c) depreciation of property used in production, and, (d) financing costs.
An individual or company who makes an investment into Section 181 qualified productions can take a 100% deduction of their investment against their author_link in the year their investment was made.
A deduction can be made against active income should the investment be made by or through a widely held C corporation. Originally set to expire December 31, 2008, the deduction was extended by TARP until December 31, 2009. Investments must be made before that date and the money invested into qualifying productions must be spent by the productions. For further specific information on Section 181 see below.

Example of Section 181 Deduction
For instance, should an individual or corporation that is taxed at a 35% tax rate have author_link to take a deduction against, then should that individual make a $10,000 investment into a qualified production or film fund, the actual net investment will be $6,500 since they can take a deduction against that full $10,000 against their author_link, and 35% of $10,000 is $3,500, which is the value of the deduction they can make in the year they make their investment.

Various State Production Incentives
Many states offer various film and video production incentives. These can be in the form of cash payments, tax credits, tax rebates, and waiver or reduction of sales and various other taxes. Some credits are transferable to other business entities. Every state is different, but usually the film production company must;
• Meet certain spend criteria
• Meet a minimum amount spent in state
• Be approved
• Submit applicable documents
• Go through an audit process

After production is complete and all conditions of the state’s requirements are met, the state then issues a refund in the form of a check, credit, or rebate. For further specific information on some individual states see below.

Example of State Production Incentive
In New Mexico (NM), which is considered a Tier 1 state by the film industry, a 25% tax credit for all production expenses and labor is given. There is no minimum spend. Should that same individual make a $10,000 investment into a qualified production in NM, then the actual net investment will be $7,500 since they are given a cash tax credit against the full amount of $10,000 spent in the state.
Example of Federal and State Film Incentives Combined
In the previous two examples an individual made an investment of $10,000 in a qualified film production. Section 181 allowed a first year deduction against taxes of $3,500. Since the production was filmed in New Mexico, the state paid a tax credit to the individual in the amount of $2,500. Together, these total $6,000. This results in an immediate return on investment of 60% to the individual ($6k is 605% of $10k).

Further specifics of Section 181
Section 181 also allows for all other recourse debt costs which are usually associated with film finance, a $10 million dollar film, where only $3.5 million is equity, an investor can deduct $3.5 million dollars against the $10 million, especially if the latter is mezzanine or gap finance.
A qualified film or television production may be a motion picture (whether released to theatres or directly to video, cassette or any other format), a miniseries, a scripted, dramatic television episode, or a movie of the week. In the case of a television series, only the first 44 episodes may qualify. Sexually explicit productions are excluded.
To qualify for the deduction, 75 percent of the total compensation of the production must be “qualified compensation”, meaning compensation for services performed in the United States by actors, directors, producers, and other relevant production personnel. There is no requirement that the individual be a U.S. citizen or resident. However, compensation does not include participations and residuals.
If the election to deduct the expenses is made, no other deduction for depreciation or amortization with respect to the qualified film or television production is allowed.
Only the owner of the qualified film or television production that pays the costs can take the Section 181 deduction. However, there is no requirement that the owner be the actual producer of the production. So even though the owner may subcontract production to another entity, as long as the owner retains the ownership rights over the production, the deduction should still be available. In addition, there can be multiple owners of the production. In that case, each owner would be allowed the deduction in proportion to the amount of his or her contributions.
Application of the Section 181 Deduction
The production activity should constitute a “trade or business”, therefore, the Section 181 deduction would be subject to the author_link/loss rules. Individuals and personal service corporations that do not “materially participate” in an activity (regular, continuous and substantial participation in the activity) can only deduct passive losses to the extent of “author_link.” Passive income generally includes income from real estate and other passive investments, and will include the income from the film, television show, etc. produced. Any passive losses not used can be carried forward and offset against author_link in subsequent years, or may be deductible against ordinary income if the loss is “freed up” (i.e., by sale or disposition of the passive activity asset). This would apply even if the future gain were long-term capital gain.
Therefore, in the initial year of production, the production costs would be deductible to the taxpayer under Section 181, but only against author_link. Any excess of the deduction (or “loss”) would carry forward and could be used to offset any ongoing income stream from the produced material. Presumably, if the produced material were sold in the same year as the costs were incurred, the deduction amount could be offset against the author_link from the gain on sale. If the produced material were sold in a subsequent tax year, the taxpayer could apply the loss carry forward from the first year against ordinary income and also be entitled to capital gain treatment of the proceeds of the sale of the produced material.
If the produced material is held for more than 1 year from the date of completion, the capital gain will be a long-term capital gain. There are no preferential capital gains rates for corporations, but if the taxpayer were an individual, the long-term capital gain rate would be 15% under current laws.
Potential limitations on the application or effect of the Section 181 deduction under existing tax law may include the “At-Risk Rules” (under which a taxpayer may only take a deduction for direct investment and borrowed amounts for which the taxpayer has ultimate direct recourse liability), the Alternative Minimum Tax (though as long as the production activity constitutes a trade or business (for individuals) or is deductible for purposes of calculating “earnings and profits” (corporations) the deduction should not trigger the alternative minimum tax) and established case law relating to the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to recast a transaction based on the doctrine of substance over form in a manner that would eliminate the tax benefits.
Effective for films placed in service after October 22, 2004, taxpayers may elect, on a film-by-film basis, to irrevocably adopt one of two approaches for the deduction of participations and residuals for the film. Participations and residuals are amounts that “by contract vary with the amount of income earned in connection with” the film (i.e., payables based on gross receipts, or box office bonuses). The taxpayer may elect to increase the adjusted tax basis of the film by the amount of participations and residuals that the taxpayer ultimately may owe based on an estimate of the income from the film during the first ten years after the film is placed in service. Alternatively, the taxpayer may elect to deduct the participations and residuals when paid.

Partial Income Exclusion for films produced in the US

  • The 2004 Tax Act also provides for an exclusion of a percentage of worldwide net income attributable to audio-visual works if at least 50% of the total compensation relating to production of the audio-visual work is compensation for services performed in the United States. The exclusion is 3% in 2005 and 2006, 6% from 2007 through 2009, and 9% thereafter. In no event may the exclusion exceed 50% of the total W-2 wages paid by the taxpayer during the applicable tax year. The exclusion also applies for purposes of the alternative minimum tax.
  • The exclusion applies regardless of the medium (i.e., theatrical, television, or DVD). Films will not qualify for this benefit if the film includes “visual depictions of actual sexually explicit conduct.”
  • Again, as with the Section 181 deduction, the income exclusion is limited to the owner of the film during production.

Further Specifics of State Film Production Incentives
Tier One States
New Mexico: Offers a 25% tax credit for all production expenses and New Mexico labor. The provisions have caused some concern that demand exceeds the labor pool, but a subsidiary of NBC Universal recently opened the largest equipment shop west of LA for TV, film and commercial productions.
Massachusetts: The state offers a 25% credit for production expenses above 50% of the total production costs ($7 million maximum). For Massachusetts production companies, an income and corporate excise tax credit is also available, equal to 20% of the production payroll (excluding payroll over $1 million) and 100% sales tax exemption.
Connecticut: The state offers a 30% credit for production expenses. Equipment brought into the state can qualify, provided it is used in the state. By allowing non-residents to qualify, productions can use New York labor and avoid some housing expenses.
Rhode Island: A 25% credit applies to all in-state spending in excess of $300,000, provided 51% of the production is shot in state.
Louisiana: A 25% credit on all expenditures, including non-resident labor, for work done in state and a 35% credit for payroll for Louisiana residents. An additional 40% credit can apply to infrastructure projects.
Tier Two States
North Carolina: A comprehensive tax credit, offsetting purchases, leases in state and wages paid to residents and non-residents for work performed in the state, seemed to put this state in the first tier.
Illinois: A 20% transferable tax credit, for state labor and expenditures, led to an increase in film and television work. Further, the state waives a 14.9% hotel bed tax, if occupied for 30 days. Already deep with talented and skilled labor, the credit seemed to create more work.
New York: A new 5% city tax credit adds to the 10% state tax credit and the unique and historic backdrops help to overcome the higher expenses of working in New York City.
Hawaii: Weather, setting and refundable tax incentives help overcome the limited size of the local crew. The state offers a 15% credit for a minimum of $200,000 in production costs on the island of Oahu, rising to 20% for work on the smaller islands. In the alternative, a separate 100% credit is available to the investors.
Florida: Great weather and talented and skilled local crews, are offset by a less generous credit and hurricane season. Florida offers a 15% credit for Florida expenses, goods purchased or leased, but a minimum qualifying project is $625,000 with a maximum reimbursement of $8 million.

Suggested links:
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Federal, State, and International Production Incentives

Source by Jack Heape

Real Estate Investment Notes – Hot Trend for Cool Times

The newest ‘buzzword’ to hit the world of real estate investment is: Real Estate Investment Notes. Now, property notes themselves aren’t new, in fact they have been around almost as long as realty itself. But, the ‘awareness’ of them as “viable investment vehicles” is a new trend that is a direct result of recent “cooling” happening in the realty market in parts of the country. Property backed notes are a dose of “hot” in recent “cool” times.

Smart investors always keep a close “eye” out for any changes in the market and “act” quickly to make the wise investment decisions necessary to avoid ‘disastrous’ financial losses. You too can benefit from what these “investment-gurus” have come to know about real estate backed notes and stretch your profits/gains a little further if they are generated inside a self directed IRA or self directed 401k.

Passive Cash Flow

Real Estate notes may have a high rate of return if structured properly, and are more secure than most other well-known investment strategies. A real property note is an investor instrument that can be used to earn what has been coined as “passive-income” or “passive cash flow”. Simply put, this means you will earn ‘dividends’ on your investments in real estate notes without having to do much else other than writing a check for your note and voila the money starts flowing in month after month like clockwork. Not bad, but it gets better. Since the money is earned passively through a real estate, you benefit again at tax time. Gains earned by property notes are taxed at low long term (currently at this writing) 15% capital gains tax rates. Do you know of any other investment strategy that allows you to make money passively and at a flat 15% tax rate? Nothing like real property notes has “hit” the realty world yet where you can make money passively, so until or unless it does, notes are the way to go if you want to put real cash and profit into your pocket month after month, year after year.

If you prefer watching your vested interests grow without any help on your part, then propery notes could be a great alternative for your portfolio. If any ‘cosmetic’ or “functional’ “improvements” are made to the real property listed on your real estate note it can really ‘pump’ up the value of your note to new heights. This will not only increase the dividend-earning potential of your note, but also it works to your benefit should you want to sell off a portion of it, or sell the note off “completely” because it’s increased value will put more money in your pocket. You can use your “windfall’ to re-invest in more opportunities or use a portion of it to fund a college education for your child.


Unlike selling real property, notes have built in liquidity. In most cases, you don’t have worry that if you “hold” a real property note and wanted to sell it quickly, that it would be hard to find buyers for it. Wise investors are always looking to “buy” more real estate notes with positive cash flows because they know what valuable, income-earning vehicles they are.

Self Directed 401k / IRA Notes:

Did you know you can use your 401K or self directed IRA retirement accounts that you either implemented through an employee-employer plan, or opened up yourself, to fund the purchasing of real property notes? Many people are “tapping” into their retirement accounts because they have learned that real estate notes offer them the ability to increase the benefits usually earned through such retirement accounts, securely and reliably.

Will you be among the ‘wisest’ of investors and look into the “viability” of real estate notes as an investment strategy to best increase the dividend-earning power of your retirement money? A well-researched person will utilize the Internet and companies to calibrate opportunities. The Internet may provide you with access to all of the information you need to learn how real property notes can help you to “retire-in-style” minimizing “risks’ unlike so many of the other investment opportunities today.

The benefits of land backed notes are as follows:

1. Generate author_link.

2. Are secured by real property.

3. Are taxed at low long term capital gains of 15%.

4. Can be purchased with a self directed 401k or self directed IRA.

Another quick note about investment gains earned inside an IRA or 401k:

Gains earned and tucked back into the IRA/401k are earned on a tax-deferred basis and are taxed at ordinary income tax rates at the time of distribution starting at the age of 59 1/2. Gains earned off your property note investments inside your Roth IRA or Roth 401k occur on a tax-deferred basis and distributions are earned tax free at the time of distribution. If you use a Roth IRA/401k, you’ll have years of tax-deferred growth on your investment – and NO TAXES at the time of distribution.

How does that stack up against the current 15% long term capital gains? Right… There is no comparison.

If you are already over the age of 59 1/2 and have a Roth IRA and the Roth IRA has been open more than 5 years, then you are perhaps in the sweetest spot of all, as all your gains filtered through your Self Directed Roth IRA can be distributed to you tax free without any waiting periods. This could be the ultimate leverage and a way to grow your personal wealth.

Real Estate Backed Notes could just be your “hot” ticket to financial success in “cool” times.

Source by Joshua Geary

The Infamous Rich Janitor System Review

The Infamous Rich Janitor System Review – Does it Work?

Who else wants to Discover the Secrets to Make $200 or More per Day? And how anyone can use this easy system today – in order to create money on autopilot for a long time to come from now?

Created by a Successful Internet Marketer.

The infamous rich janitor system is an online article marketing system which provides you with unqiue articles in profitable niches online, together with a software to help you submit your articles to hundreds of high page rank websites. The rich janitor system is created by Mike Dougherty, who is a successful internet marketer.

Easily Create Unique Content for More Exposure and Profits.

This system will help you create unique content, and also help you submit the content to different article sites online for more exposure. These sites will help your articles get more exposure, as well as provide you with backlinks to your websites, which in return can help you sites rank higher in the search engines for more exposure, possible customers and profits for you. This can save a lot of time for you, and will also help you start earning money straight away as well. The more articles you submit, the more money you can earn as well.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started.

The Infamous Rich Janitor System Requires Only 3 Easy Steps to get started:

1. Use the powerful article software to create tens or hundreds of unique and interesting articles. This Requires NO writing from you.

2. Use the submission software to send your articles to hundred of websites. (Requires just a couple of CLICKS).

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Create a Never Ending Supply of Passive Income from the Internet.

The Infamous Rich Janitor System can learn you how to create a never ending supply of money through the Internet. You can follow this system in your spare time for example. The process is so simple that anyone can use it without any problems. So if you are interested in how to literally create money out of thin air, and how to transform your computer into your own personal atm machine, in order to start seeing the checks rolling in, try the Infamous Rich Janitor System!

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Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords – How To Make Money With Adsense

One of the best ways to make Clickbank when you are first starting out is with Google adsense. Adsense pays you by the click and if you have doing this for a while, you will realize not all topics pay the same.

There are certain niches or topics that pay out much better. Different Adsense publishers are always on the lookout for keywords that can provide easy money. This only means that the higher the advertiser pays for a certain keyword, the more they will receive when they click the link.

So if you own a site or blog and would want to make money though Google Adsense, the first thing you need to do is choose the right keywords and phrases to be put in your site’s content.

It is important that before you achieve greater traffic and greater income, choose the right keywords because this will determine how much money you will earn. Once you’ve discovered the top-paying keywords in Google Adsense, you can earn in as much as $3 per click while the lowest earning could be $0.01 per click.

From my experience, the top paying adsense keywords are mostly related to financial services and insurance such as mortgage, life insurance, car insurance and student loans etc.

Of course, there are other topics that do pay out quite well such as in education, some medical terms. Below are 10 keywords that have always pay out more than others.

1. mesothelioma

2 cheap auto insurance

3 consolidate student loan

4 life insurance quote

5 cheap car insurance

6 refinance home

7 car insurance quote

8 refinancing

9 online car insurance

10 online insurance quotes

Google does not tell adsense publishers how much each click you will get for each topic. In the past, it was more or less a trial and error thing. However, Google has a keyword tool that does provide the cost per click for adwords advertisers.

From there, you can gauge the average payout per click based on the highest CPC shown. Do note, you are almost unlikely to get that amount but it will still provide you with a rough indication of how much you should get on average per click.

Source by Ricky Lim

Why and How to Build Multiple Source of Income

Many people have the misconception that only the rich can build multiple source of income. They also think that you need to have a lot of money to build multiple streams of income. These are all false beliefs because there is a simpler and cheap alternative to building your own multiple source of Source.

Those who are in business or have been laid off before will fully understand this old saying. If we rely solely on one income stream, then if that income stream disappears, we will lose all income. That is why in business or if you are employed with only one salary source, it is vital to build a couple more income streams. This will help grow your financial networth, buffer you from significant income loss if one source disappears, and accelerate your objective of being financially free.

Those who are already enjoying an income source, can consider starting another income stream through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for a job opportunity or simply to grow their source of income. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business to build and duplicate.
You can find a good affiliate marketing program to sell any type of product. You need to pick a product that you have knowledge of, or something that you are passionate about. People normally begin by promoting something which they enjoyed.

There is little cost to start an affiliate marketing business. You just need a pc or a notebook, internet connection, a website and a domain name. Normally, you don’t need to pay anything to join an affiliate program. Thus saving you money. Most affiliate merchants will provide marketing tools to the affiliate, helping them to start up as soon as possible. This is to enable the affiliate to start marketing immediately. The merchant also provides sales tracking, product delivery and after sales product support. Back office function such as admin, accounting and stocks, if any, are taken care by the merchant. You only need to do your part in selling.

It is advisable that you engage a few merchants to supply you the product or service. You can endanger your business if you depend on one supplier. This is because your supply will be cut off in the event that your merchant close shop. So, find a good range of merchants to supply you with similar product or services in your affiliate business. Your customers will also appreciate the variety of suppliers in your product or service.

You should not go overboard and sign up for many different products and service and market everything, hoping to get at least one sale from one of them. Choose wisely and select only those product or service that you have interest in or are passionate about. Customers can tell whether you are genuine in your marketing or not. Those product or service that interests you or are passionate about will tend to sell better than those that you don’t have an idea about.

Finally, build one niche business and make sure it is stabilised and fully automated before you move on to another niche business. Focus and work hard on one business at a time. Work on the current business until it is generating good profits before you move to your next business. By building several businesses in various niches, you are building a natural hedge against any downturn in any industry or any merchant closing down.

After you have successfully built several sources of income, your responsibility will change to become a business manager. You don’t really need to get into the nitty-gritty detail of operations. You become a manger who review and monitor your income portfolio and to make any necessary adjustments to your portfolio of businesses. These adjustments are for you to ensure that you stay in business despite the new entrants of competitors, new technologies or even new trends of doing business. Follow these steps to grow and diversify your sources of income.

Source by Hai Liang Tan