Internet Millionaire Series Part 1 – Developing Your Senses to Discover Passive Income Opportunities

Next time you are standing in front of the mirror, take a good look at the image in the mirror. You are looking at a millionaire. Yes, you are an internet millionaire to be! You still have to take the journey to get there. It is not a smooth journey, and you have to develop your senses and rely on them to stay in your journey and reach the destination, discovering Emails opportunities and having your home-based internet business produces abundant fruit. Different sense has different functions. Together those senses create your experience in this world. In the internet business, you need to develop your senses to succeed by discovering more Emails opportunities.

1. First sense — Sight.

You need to see the the Emails opportunities in the internet by observing your niche market and searching for the ongoing needs people have. You need to see beyond the current condition even though people say seeing is believing. You must be willing to invest time and effort in helping your business to grow, even if you don’t see immediate results. You also need to see the obstacles standing in your way in realizing those Emails opportunities.

2. Second sense — Hearing.

You need to hear the advice of the right people. You need to hear what is going on in various communication forums to spot Emails opportunities.

You also need to listen beyond words and be sensitive with the cry of your customers who need support. You need to hear the beautiful music of the sound of the money flowing into your account. You also need to hear invitations of people for teamwork.

3. Third sense — Smell.

You need to smell the fake aroma of bad offers and bad people you encounter in your journey. Don’t believe claims that you can make money with little or no effort. Even internet millionaire admits that it is a hard work. You also need to smell the money you earn from the internet when one of your Emails opportunities comes true.

4. Fourth sense — Taste.

You need to taste the first success fast, even though it is small. The best place to start is to choose which one of the Emails opportunities that makes you succeed faster.

You also need to taste and savour the victory of achieving a predetermined milestone. It surely will boost your motivation to reach the next milestone in your journey.

5. Fifth sense — Touch.

You need to give your customers personal touch and make them feel very important. You will be amazed to know how quickly the money comes into your account when you are sincerely helping others to succeed.

What differentiates you and the rest of internet marketers are the service you give — how much are you willing to go an extra mile? You also need to touch the current results of discovering Emails opportunities and feel the excitement of the bright future those results promise.

6. Sixth sense.

Your sixth sense is developed and trained from various experiences you have gone through. After you gain enough knowledge about internet business and research the Emails opportunities then you must trust your sixth sense to proceed or change direction.

Your sixth sense will guide you to sense that there are possible “roadblocks” or even “dangers” in front of you or that the next milestone to realize one of your Emails opportunities is close, and help you to stay ahead of the curve.

You can practice your senses in your daily activity. Sharpen your senses and start observing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and feeling the presence of Emails opportunities much more than you normally do.

By developing these six senses, you maximize your effort and focus to continually discover new Emails opportunities, and put yourself ahead of your competitors who only use their “emotion” to run their internet business.

Find out the Emails opportunities to succeed in home-based internet business here.

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Source by Tessie Setiabudi

Creating Unlimited Wealth and Freedom Through Passive Income

As you may have noticed, learn does not come without effort and time. You can invest money rather than time and energy, but unless you are already wealthy to an extent, you will not have enough to invest so that you could generate a substantial income. The alternative is to invest your time, energy, and attention, either into free or low cost business opportunities, or to budget and save your money if you choose to go the investment route later on. Many people are only able to work at their learn ventures in their spare time, but even small time investments, over time, can accomplish anything. Often times it requires many month of planting and watering learn seeds before the cash flow starts, which is why many people give in too soon.

But it’s worth it, no matter how much time it takes. The result is freedom. The freedom to live life without money worries. The freedom to live without the obligation to work, unless you want to. The freedom to do what you want, when you want. Financial freedom gives you the ability to live the way you really want to live without sacrifice, limitation, or obligation. Wealthy people understand and make use of the principle of learn, and most of them earn money from a number of diverse sources. Some are huge streams of income and others are much smaller, but together they create a huge automatic income that leads to the building of unlimited wealth.

Developing a lifetime of wealth starts with a single learn stream, and then another, and another. When your income is automatic, you do not trade time for money, therefore you can earn without limits. And when you have enough ongoing income to pay for the lifestyle that you have chosen, you my friend will have achieved financial freedom. That means that you have all the money you need and all the time you want to live life fully. Therefore, to become financially free, you need to start with a goal. Your financial freedom goal will be to create enough ongoing automated income to pay for your desired lifestyle. Do not cut yourself short. How much money would you ultimately like to enjoy spending each month? This number should be your goals for automatic income. See, wealth is not about a specific number, it’s a lifestyle. You choose the lifestyle you want, and when you are living it without worry of financial issues, you will be wealthy in the deepest sense.

Here are a few great ways to earn learn if you are interested in getting started…

Make and Sell Your Own Information Products-Package and sell your own informational products. They are easy to create, and if you set up automatic sales systems like websites and mailing lists, you can sell them on complete autopilot.

Marketing Affiliate Products-Anyone can join free affiliate marketing programs and make money by earning affiliate commissions by promoting the products to others. Use a website and a mailing list to automated your sales.

Network Marketing-Multi level marketing has always been a great way top get rich, and doing mlm online is even more simple and profitable. Building a large residual income will be a huge asset for your financial freedom.

Source by Ben Frank Jr.

How To Make Money With Ebooks With A Simple Plan For Passive Income

Many people want to know how to make money with ebooks and all the answers are on the internet, but there is so much information that it can take years to wade through it, pick out what is relevant, and put it to proper use. The biggest obstacle is overcoming the desire to chase every strategy that research uncovers, and this can create a perpetual “chasing the tail” situation that can leave entrepreneurs frustrated and without a residual income stream. Make a plan, stick to it, and the money will flow.

It requires a minimal amount of time, money, and education to learn how to make money with ebooks. You can write your own ebooks or sell the work of others as an affiliate. There is usually more money writing an ebook and having affiliates sell it for you rather than being one of the affiliates selling another’s wares, but both methods can generate massive Emails that you can collect for years, even after retirement.

Tasks required for this method require:

Finding a topic and writing a 20+ page ebook (minimum 120 pages if converting ebook to physical book to sell via print on demand).

Create a mini-website with a sales page. A sales page is basically a long letter that is used to convince potential buyers to perform the desired call to action, usually purchase the product.

Sign up as a vendor on Clickbank or other affiliate website. This is a one-time cost $50 USD per product.

Create marketing materials for affiliates, such as text and or graphic ads, banners, articles, website content, press releases, etc.

If the plan calls for converting the ebook to a physical book with print on demand and selling through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and bookstores you will need a professional book cover and ISBN. There are several companies that offer turn-key print on demand solutions with book covers, ISBN, editing, and marketing options to make it very easy to sell your physical book around the world. Getting a book published just 20 years ago was considered a massive undertaking, but today it is surprisingly easy with the right information (they make a great gift as well).

Learning how to make money with ebooks can be a lifelong venture or a short crash course followed up with a simple plan to follow to profits. Sticking to the plan is the hard part as there are many distractions with the amount of information available. The trick is to work on the plan every day, even for just one hour per day can produce income a Emails stream.

Source by Scott Boyd

Financial Independence: 8 Tips on How to Achieve It

Financial independence is possible. Unfortunately, it is often never achieved – much like all of our goals and dreams – because we don’t desire it enough, believe it is possible, and work hard enough for it. Just as detrimental, we become comfortable with mediocrity, allow others to dictate our decisions, become unwilling to put in the effort required to achieve our dreams, and never learn and implement the necessary steps that result in financial independence, time freedom, author_link, and our full potential being realized. Desiring financial independence is perhaps the first step; but we also need to change our thinking and learn how to not only achieve it, but be willing to put in the work necessary to obtain it.

Financial independence is actually more of a mentality than it is a dollar value in a bank account. It is more about not worrying and having time freedom than it is about being capable of always paying the bills. It is about overcoming fear and taking risks as much as it is about saving for retirement. And financial independence is all about author_link, not the balance of an IRA or 401(k). Unfortunately, the majority of people do not think this way – and this is made evident in the masses who get excited about pay raises and promotions, develop the typical employee mindset, and live far below their potential because they are unwilling to take risks, think and act differently, and understand the essential laws of success that also produce financial independence.

Thankfully, we can change! But even an understanding of the essential steps below is not enough – it is when knowledge and consistent action are combined that our goals, dreams, and financial independence will be realized.

1) Never Fall Victim to the Typical Employee Mentality: Stop thinking in terms of 9-5, manager and employee, weekends and holidays off, that is not my job or responsibility, etc. Doing more than you are paid to do will not only result in success on the job, but will undoubtedly carry over into other aspects of your life. But if you continually trade time for money, believe that job security is actually security, become content with mediocrity and being average, do just enough to keep your job, and actually think that a pay raise or promotion is the solution to your problems … then the only real hope you have is that your IRA and 401(k) will have sufficient funds to keep you alive after you’ve given 40+ years of your life to a company. And by all standards, that is not my definition of financial independence (or happiness).

2) IRA’s & 401(k)’s … Not a Recipe for Financial Independence: I find it ironic that our culture successfully convinces us that our family’s financial future will be taken care of by handing over our money to unknown (and often greedy) investors and companies who essentially are only interested in making a dime now – not in 40 years. And yet, what is more surprising is the masses of people who actually believe that financial independence is obtained by devoting (a better word would probably be enduring) 40+ years of our lives to a company, and think that an IRA or 401(k) will be the solution to their retirement and financial problems. Anyone who has ever achieved financial freedom has independently created it themselves, took risks, and was extremely proactive – never did these people depend upon a company or a retirement account to fully reach their goal.

3) Leaving Your Job to Start a Business is Actually Not the Answer: Realizing that a job, being an employee, and trading time for money will not produce financial independence is the first necessary change in mentality we must obtain. However, do not fall victim to the thought that being the boss, starting or running your own company, or even being an entrepreneur is the solution. Financial independence is not defined by having more power or larger pay checks – it is measured by time freedom, no financial worries, being the manager and investor and not the boss, and especially creating author_link. The goal is not to become the boss, the goal is to be the owner and hire a boss to do the work. The goal is to not earn more to be able to spend more, but take the excess money and buy appreciating assets that make you money.

4) Passive Income is the Key: Job security is not the same as financial security. Independence within your job is not even similar to financial independence. And trading time and effort for money is the exact opposite approach as making money work for you. The goal in all of your pursuits, and the key to actually achieving financial independence (hopefully long before the age of 65) is to take every extra dime and invest it into assets that actually make you money on a continual monthly basis. Whether it is cash flow from properties, interest from accounts, or even profits from the work of others from your own businesses – the goal is to create and buy assets that continually bring in a monthly author_link.

5) Change Your Mentality About Retirement: Our culture’s unfortunate perception of retirement entails working hard for 40+ years, trading our time for money in hopes of promotions and pay raises, trusting complete strangers to manage our retirement accounts, and sacrificing pleasure now in hopes of living our dreams in years to come. Truthfully, I want nothing to do with this type of retirement. And because of this, I am thus willing to put in whatever effort necessary, take risks, change my mentality, and learn and implement the principles that will result in financial independence – long before I reach the age of 65.

6) Recognize What Keeps You from Achieving Financial Independence: There are multiple reasons why people do not achieve their dreams and goals in life, but they all can essentially be summarized into three categories: fear, mediocrity, and inaction. Do you fear taking risks, and possibly failing? Do you fear because you think you lack the necessary knowledge or abilities to be successful? Are you content with mediocrity and being average? Is ‘just getting by’ or ‘that’s good enough’ or ‘it’s not worth it’ common thoughts (and thus actions)? Are you unwilling to put in the effort required to achieve success? If so, then financial independence most certainly will be forfeited, and the result may be a good life – but good is the enemy of great!

7) Being Rich is Not the Same as Being Financially Independent: True wealth is not determined by the size of a bank account, the house we live in, or the car we drive. True wealth is a state of mind more than it is an actual dollar figure. The individual who has no financial worries or obligations, has assets and employees working for them, has created a continual monthly author_link, and has resources sufficient to create time freedom and be in a position to help others – this is true wealth (regardless of how much income or profits are actually made). Comparatively, the individual who makes millions of dollars and drives the fanciest car and lives in the greatest mansion, is actually not wealthy at all if their expenditures exceed their income, they are trading time for money, they live in fear of their debts, their lives display being ‘rich’ only to keep up with the ‘jones’, they are entrenched in the ‘rat race’ in hopes that the next promotion will produce more time freedom (which never happens), and most importantly – they have no continual monthly residual income. Financial independence should be the goal – not being rich.

8) Understand That it is Achieved by Implementing the Laws of Success: As essential as all the principles above are, the reality is that no goal or dream in life is ever achieved unless and until we implement the laws that are foundational to all success. We must first desire financial independence, believe it is possible, have faith that we are capable of achieving it, change our mentality (as described above) and think big, overcome our fears and doubts, work hard every day in pursuit of our goal, and never quit until it is accomplished.

The goal should not be to get rich in life, it should be to enrich your life. Achieving financial independence is much more than not worrying about finances, creating time freedom, having author_link, and being in a position to live your dreams and help others – it is about reaching our full potential and not letting others define or determine it. 

Source by Matthew Toone

Passive Residual Income Using Affiliate Marketing

Passive Residual Income is income that continues to be generated after your initial effort has been completed and continues to make you money with little effort to maintain it. Isn’t this what all affiliate and internet marketers dream of? There are plenty of ways to passive residual income, some of which are easier than others.

One way to passive residual income is by letting other people do the work for you. An example of this is by referring people to affiliate networks. Once you refer people, you get a percentage of the commissions they earn. Some places offer up to 5% commissions for life, meaning they do all the work, and you make a small cut off of them. Five percent may not seem like much, but refer enough people, and you can make a real nice paycheck for only doing some small up front work.

Another way to passive residual income is allowing the search engines to work for you. Get some websites with good SERPs and allow search engines to send traffic to you. If the website is properly monetized, the visitors continuously come from the search engines, and you continuously make money. Only a minimal effort of link building is required to keep your place in the search engines and keep the money flowing into your pocket.

Passive residual income is not as easy as it sounds. There are few affiliate and internet marketers who are able to achieve a sustainable income by this method. That’s not to say it cannot be done. It takes some work to set up, but with the approach, you can gain the passive residual income that will be enough to live off of.

The Conduit Method, an eBook from the Lazy Marketer, is an excellent read on how to build a passive residual income.

Also, visit the Desk Coder website for more information on residual income.

Source by Desk Coder

3 Tips On Choosing The Right Residual Income Company

Billionaire Donald Trump says it’s better than real estate. Robert Kiyosaki recommends it in his cash flow quadrant, and many professionals say this is the way to go.

So why are you still doubting the systems.

Residual income, becoming more and more the preferred way of making money as people find out about it. Residual income offers leverage through the art of duplication and efforts of others. Can you make a residual income without knowing much about it? How difficult is it to make a residual income? The real question: How many people are actually making a real Emails?

The best part about residual income, also known as Emails, rather than spending your time selling products month after month, hoping you make the same amount of sales each month. You only invest your time and get off your initial investment forever, off efforts of others. More and more people are making residual income and realize that Emails is the only way to go.

Joining a Emails opportunity in an area where you have strength should be the best way to go. In my opinion, here is what you need to know about making a residual income. There are a large number of ways to go, but the most relevant and crucial thing is to pay attention to your own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some recommendations to make a residual income:

1. Do some research and join a respected and established network marketing or MLM business. In many top professionals opinions, including Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jim Rohn, the most lucrative way to make Emails is through being a representative of your own network marketing or MLM business. For any person looking to start up at low costs, without the painful work of creating a business from scratch….Network marketing is for you.

Good network marketing companies have the resources, tools, and marketing strategies all in place for you to be successful. All it requires is your very hard work and honest dedicated effort and you can make substantial residual income.

2. Make a residual income by finding products that are highly consumable you can market, products and services that people can use on a daily basis. Highly consumable products or monthly services are the best way to earn residual income.

3. This is very vital to your success, you must continue to educate yourself and enhance your abilities. In this ever changing economy, people who make the highest income are the ones who can adapt to the changing business environment the quickest. Residual income is on the rise and if you keep your eyes open there are infinite possibilities available to you.

To summarize, you can make a residual income by researching the network marketing business model. All you have to do is find an MLM company offering highly consumable products or services, while you are consistently growing/enhancing your abilities. Follow these 3 simple tips and you will be well positioned to make a Emails as the professional business environment shifts towards that direction over the next years. We are truly in the MLM revolution.

Source by Aldo Gonzalez

The Tax Advantages Of Having Rental Properties

Key to achieving tax deductions and decreasing your tax liability is to lower your earnings.  To some people this sounds ridiculous because you are renting these properties in order to increase your income.  By tax deduction you decrease your income for tax purposes only.  By keeping your income within a certain tax bracket you can drastically lower your tax liability wile creating a passive extra income.  Here are some ideas for tax deductions as they apply to rental properties.

Rental properties are considered to be tax-deductible by the Internal Revenue Service.  So, all expenses related to your property are, potentially, tax deductions.  If, however, you claim deductions that exceed the income from your rental properties, you are likely to find these deductions will be denied.

Interest payments are one of the biggest tax deductions for people owning rental properties.  You can deduct the interest on your mortgage payments, loans for repairing or improving property, and even the interest on credit card purchases you made for anything regarding the properties you rent.

Rental property costs can be reclaimed through depreciation.  Usually, you can apply depreciation from the second year you own your property for up to twenty-seven total years.

Anything you need to do to fix the properties is tax deductible.  This includes labor, materials, and any interest on loans or credit card expenditures to repair or improve your rental properties.

Any travel expenses related to your rental properties are tax deductible.  If you travel to inspect the properties, repair or maintain the properties, or collect the rent, it is all a tax-deductible expense.  If you have to travel to consult with an attorney, accountant, or even a repairman about your rental property, it is a tax-deductible expense.  If you have a dedicated vehicle used to haul and transport from one property to another, the gasoline, maintenance, and repair bills of this vehicle might qualify for a tax deduction

If you maintain a home office from which you conduct business related to your rental properties, the home office expenses are tax-deductible.

Any physical losses to the property beyond your insurance claims for flood, fire, or natural disaster, are tax deductions, as well.

Any insurance premiums you pay related to your rental properties are tax deductible on your income tax return.

Service fees to property management companies, landscapers, attorneys, or accountants all comprise tax deductions.

Investment in properties is preferred by people as the method of earning make money online.  However absence of appropriate tax planning will result in overpayment of taxes and penalties.  Here is some useful advice provided by Chintamani Abhyankar.

Source by Chintamani

Streamline Your Finances With Passive Income

What is the secret to be happy ever after? Simple, finance the happiness, earn as much as you can, or marry somebody who can do it for you.

If you are eligible for the later category and believe in making merry on somebody else’s account, this finance advice is not for you. However, if you have failed to locate the rich one for you or are enforced by destiny to work your way around the financial management mystery, read on, because there is a crucial secret in store.

Money is important and this is a proven fact, which is not dependent upon any referrals for validation. Considering the relevance of the concept, therefore, all aims must be targeted at increasing it, to whatever levels. As the wise men said, beg, borrow, steal, but do whatever you can. In our case, we would suggest focusing on the key finance source and at the same time, working out an alternate earning source, by way of learning.

What is learning?

Passive income is a form of earning, which is irregular and does not requires dedicated effort from the earner. That is, it is a financial source, which once created, can be left in the hibernation mode, to generate funds. As apparent from the concept definition, learning acts as a prudent extra earning source, which keeps adding on to the financial inflow.

How to earn it?

Passive income can be earned in a number of ways. In fact the earning options in this category, owing the tremendous popularity of internet as the preferred communication channel, have multiplied exponentially.

Online presence, currently serves as the most crucial form of passive earning. Create a website, add the desired zing flavour to it, attract reasonable traffic and forget about it. But before forgetting, make sure to list with internet advertisement managing sites, like Google ad sense, which will pay for the popularity of the portal.

Income from property or rental finance is the next listing in the category of learning. While you might think that the investment itself is to large a component, checking out the available options in this category, can clear doubts. India presently is undergoing a massive construction drive, with societies and community centres coming up in every nook and corner. Investing in these newly constructed dwellings usually requires manageable deposits and even easier monthly instalment, which in turn can be bank financed. It is thus a matter of few years, post which the investment would perfectly fit in as a source of learning.

Pension – Nothing much can be done here, you’ll have to wait to get retired, unless of course early retirement options are applicable.

Indulging in businesses like network / affiliate marketing, wherein initial effort yields desirable finance oriented results, over a number of years.

Other options in the learning category are dividends / interests from shares / securities, book royalty and any other business, which does not, seeks active participation.

Source by Vikram Kamboj

US Taxes Mutual Fund Investments in India

The main purpose of this article is to increase the awareness of how US taxes capital gains/dividends from International Mutual Funds

US persons invested/considering to invest in Indian Mutual Funds should make themselves aware of how US taxes capital gains/dividends from International Mutual Funds.

Main points are:
•  Mutual Funds in India (or any other country outside US) mostly qualify as Passive Foreign Investment company.
•  These investments need to be declared to IRS every year by June 30th.
•  Capital gains and dividend income from these investments are taxed at the highest Income tax rate and not as capital gains.
•  Additionally deferred taxes (non-payment of taxes till asset is sold to realize capital gain) are charged interest

What is a  Passive Foreign Investment company?

A passive foreign investment company (or “PFIC”) is a foreign company with predominantly investment income, or whose assets are primarily intended to generate investment income. The Internal Revenue Service handles the profits of investments in PFICs differently than their domestic counterparts, so U.S. investors face significant tax implications should they hold ownership of a PFIC.

Classification as a PFIC
Tax code sections 1291 through 1297 provide the rules for U.S. persons who invest in passive foreign investment companies. A foreign corporation is considered a “passive foreign investment company” for these purposes if either one of two tests is satisfied: the Income Test or the Asset Test.
Under the Income Test, a foreign corporation is considered a PFIC if 75 percent or more of the foreign corporation’s gross income for the taxable year consist of Work from Home. Passive income includes dividends, interest, royalties, rents, annuities, net gains from certain commodities transactions, net foreign currency gains, income equivalent to interest, payments in lieu of dividends, income from notional contracts, and income from certain personal service contracts. Note that the active business of a licensed bank or insurance business is considered active income.
Under the Asset Test, a foreign corporation is considered a PFIC if 50 percent of the foreign corporation’s assets produce – or are held to produce – Work from Home. In applying the Asset Test, the fair market value of the assets is generally used (the “FMV Method”).
There are two important exceptions to these rules for calculation. First, Congress has recognized that newly-formed corporations frequently hold short-term investments that may create a significant percentage of income prior to the business truly commencing. Likewise, Congress has recognized that a firm that undergoes a change in its business may hold significant temporary assets that generate income, creating a similar situation as a fledling start-up company.

Consequences of Ownership of a PFIC
A U.S. holder of ownership in a passive foreign investment corporation must include as ordinary income the allocated gains or excess distributions in its gross income for the taxable years in which the allocations are made. The tax liability is determined at the highest rate of tax in effect for the applicable taxable year. Additionally, the deferred tax liability from the allocations are treated as underpayments of tax, and interest charges are imposed on the deferred taxes on the allocated gains and excess distributions.

Source by Wikipedia

3 Easiest Ways To Earn Passive Income

Most of us have joked about how wonderful it would be to sit back and do nothing but still earn a great living. When we make those jokes, it’s because we believe that’s a fantasy none of us can ever achieve.

The reality is you can obtain that goal. It’s called a developing and it’s the reason why more people are becoming wealthy than ever before.

If earning a developing sounds good to you, here are some ways you can get in on the action and start working towards the dream of making money by doing nothing.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a program you sign up for through a company. You will promote products this company sells, and everytime the product sells off your affiliate site, the company pays you a commission.

While this sounds like the same old sales game. IT’S NOT! The internet has made this process extremely simple. No more long hours waiting for customers.

Instead, you spend a short amount of time setting up a site. You write product reviews relating to what the company sells. You post your reviews on your site. Add a few affiliate links on the page, and that’s all your part.

Now, you don’t even have to be around for the rest to happen. You could keep working your regular job, go run errands, or just sit back and watch the sales come in. Next, customers go to your site, read your reviews, if they like the reviews, they’ll buy the product, and you earn money. Simple!

2. Information Products

Now, that the internet has become the #1 source for people to get information, you can sell people information products.

These products include anything holding bits of information like, e-courses, e-books, reports, seminar videos, or similar products. You can provide these things for consumers, by creating your own products, hiring someone to create them for you, or even purchasing pre-made products.

Then, you promote your own product on your site, just like you would the affiliate program. Except in this scenario you don’t get a commission from a company, you get all the profits. Information products are selling from $20 to a few hundred dollars. All that would go into your bank account.

3. Advertising

This stream of developing works when you already have a site, a blog, a newsletter, or an Ezine that gets a good amount of traffic to it already. When you have steady traffic going to your site, people will pay good money to advertise on your page.

These people or companies will advertise things that are related to your site, and will pay you depending on how much traffic you get.

When you get paid for the advertising space, you can either charge an upfront fee or you can take a percentage of sales made from each click of the ad thanks to your traffic or you can charge per click.

Regardless of the choice you make, you can end up earning a decent living on ad space. Plus, once your site is on auto-pilot you can just sit back and enjoy the cash flow.

Source by Thomas Turner