Passive Income to Wealth

Passive income to wealth is what everyone is trying to create; are you one of those trying to create a for the rest of your life? In studying real estate I know is income generated from apartment complexes or rental housing. The government issues a tax rate of 15% for . Since I don’t know the tax laws related to Internet marketing I don’t know if the government has the same tax break for online.

But online I think is thought of as reselling products over and over again in creating income, but I would have to talk to some CPA s about it to know what the IRS considers . I do see MLM pay plans online and I believe selling a book over and over again is royalty income. But I’ve always understood as income not generated from your labor so you can not be participating in the company then it can be classified as . But that is my goal to create to wealth by using an online business, and I think it is the dream of many other people.

So online would be generated by sales of your company that you are not actively participating in, many people say their business is on autopilot so it must be a former , I am not sure so I do not want to claim to be an expert here. But I see it as creating an e-book and selling it over and over again; you did the labor one time and got multiple sales. I also believe it is the same thing when you create a CD set or video teaching set that you sell once, but sell for many years. That is my idea of to wealth, because you really are not putting in the work all the time; only when you created the product.

Most multilevel marketing companies online or off line talk about creating in their pay plan. Because even when you stop doing the business but you had created a giant down line you get paid for years from the work you did for a couple of years, and that is truly in my mind. That’s why I will continue to write about to wealth. It will be fun to check out all the different IRS codes about online. It might even make a great product once I have all my studies done. Then I can help other people understand the tax code for online.

Maybe some attorney out there would like to write some articles about this subject of online and how to wealth is available to everyone.

Source by Bill Leahy

5 Ways to Make Passive Income

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With the economy looking sour today, the future looks grim for many. Every day more and more people lose their jobs as businesses continue to tank. However, provides people an option to have a promising future. Here are five ways to make and give yourself a promising future.

1. Write an e-book

Writing an e-book does not appeal to many because of the thought of writing a book that is one-hundred pages long. However, you can get away with writing a book that is 20 to 30 pages long and still profit from it for the rest of your life. A great way to get started is by compiling a group of articles you have already written and formulate an e-book that you can promote online.

2. Sell software

With technology constantly evolving, more and more kinds of software are developing for entrepreneurs and internet marketers to use. A great way to make is to promote and sell different kinds of software that can benefit other web sites. Software is something that every entrepreneur can use to better their business.

3. Network marketing

This is by far the most popular and well known method to make this type of income. It offers a variety of products and services that will pay you based on you generating traffic and gaining customer reorders. The whole concept is based off of you working with a brand, creating a consistent revenue stream by selling products and building a downline.

4. Real estate rental

Although many do not even think about this option, you can make a great deal of by renting real estate out to people. In some cases, renting out real estate can become the primary source of income for people.

5. Leveraged income

This type of income refers to you creating income streams by leveraging resources or other people. Affiliate marketing is a highly common method of creating leveraged income. This type of marketing involves affiliate programs paying you a percentage of commission for selling their products or services. The more sells you create, the more money you make

Source by Louis Charles Martel

Best Passive Income Businesses

Looking for the best make money online business? This article will tell you what you need to do to he

Looking for the best make money online business? This article will tell you what you need to do to help you to build your future and achieve success in building make money online.

Passive Business Income is a dream to most people, but for many, it is a reality. People are making it happen every day and so can you. It definitely takes work, but is well worth the effort. If you are willing to put in a lot of hours up front, you will find yourself in a satisfying business situation within a year.

How to Get Passive Business Income Online
The best and most consistent way I know to make long lasting passive business income online is through affiliate marketing. Now, if you do not know what that is, it is basically selling other peoples products online. You market a product, direct the customer to purchase and then you make a commission.

So, How Does This Become Passive Income?
Simply, when you begin a marketing campaign to sell a product, you create a website or landing page that tells the customer about the product. There are many places online that you can create your landing page for free and it is simple to do. Once you create a site, it is up and running until you take it down. That means that every time someone comes to the site, they can purchase the product you are selling, regardless of whether it is today, tomorrow, or 3 years from now.

How Do I Get Customers to My Site?
This is where all the time consuming work comes in. It is not hard work, it just takes time. You generate customers to your site through a few different means. If you want to use a completely free method, then you would choose article marketing. When you post an article online, it stays there indefinitely, directing traffic to your site.

You can also choose to pay for some marketing with ads, such as pay-per-click. Although this does cost money, it is extremely effective in driving targeted traffic to your site.

Do I Need Special Skills to Get Started?
No. It is very easy to get started making passive business income online. With a little research and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed, you will see amazing results. In this business it is important to remember that the more effort you put into it, the more you get out.

Source by Ann Williams

Legitimate Passive Income Venues

The world is full of turnkey and Clickbank business opportunities. Each one promises wealth, freedom from the drudgery of work, and dreams come true. The definition of building wealth means different things to different people. One person feels that entering the upper middle class with $1 million dollars is wealth. The next person does not stop until they have amassed millions and enjoy the corner office in a glass tower.

There has not been an opportunity to build wealth as there is now. The world started to change in 2005. The third world is disappearing, opening up opportunities that were thought lost after the 1920s – forever.

Last century people came to North America to build wealth. Now, there are opportunities to the east, Africa, Asia, Thailand, and even as far as Europe. The thing is, there is so much rebuilding to do, and so many countries to cover, there is no way that the worlds existing billion airs can grab up all of the world’s opportunities – there are just too many of them.
Unfortunately, every opportunity is joined by two scams.

Stock Investments

Stocks are still the number one way for businesses to build the cash needed to build and grow. However, smart investing requires attention to detail, research and constant care. The days when an investment broker could be trusted to take care of their client’s wealth are gone. Now, the dog-eat-dog stock world is a shark pool where the smart survive.

Smart investors can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of months. They can also loose. The risk is big, the earnings are big. Keep in mind the purpose of stocks – to help small businesses grow.

Investors who look for businesses on the verge of expansion will make more money than investors who follow the stocks in a local newspaper, or a stock site.

Property Investment

If you purchased a $80 000 property in Spain in 1999, then you have probably already sold it for $1 million. The same if you purchased a $200 000 property in London. Another $50 000 improvements, and you can sell it for at least $1 million.

Bulgaria didn’t bust, but then, that housing market is new.
There are also opportunities in Florida and Texas despite the crash of the sub-prime market. It just takes a determined investor to find them. Property investing is easy to learn.

The days when an investor needs to pay a guru $3000 for a course and to join their network are gone. Today’s investors can buy enough web products to ‘teach themselves’.

After the housing booms of the early 2000s, many banks are now pro-property investor, releasing buy-to-rent mortgages and revolving mortgages specifically created for investors.

Work at Home

There are thousands of six figure works at home business people. Most are selling or teaching. However, professionals call this Clickbank with a laugh on their lips, and tongue in cheek.

Expect to start 5 – 10 programs till you find one that works. Ebay is still hot. The same type of selling at through their fulfilment program is also profitable. Running an online school is a good idea, especially when helping people to improve their lives.


Legitimate opportunities are not ‘get rich quick.’ The opportunity will have thousands of websites discussing the program and methods, forums will be active, and blogs abundant. However, if you want one, easy to remember rule, then follow this mantra, ‘if you are asked to pay to buy into the opportunity, it is a scam.’

Source by Mark Walters

Passive Income from Apartment Buildings

Passive income is a subject that is often thought or talked about in commercial real estate. The Emails is the income from rental activity, with limited business interests or other activities in which the investor does not materially participate. In other words, this is what apartment investing is all about. It requires buying a commercial real estate property and getting it to the point where it takes none of your funds to run or to pay any of its expenses.

Instead of laying out additional money for the building, you are gaining a steady profit from it. It can be done easily with apartment building investing, multi-family properties and even with single-family houses. But, it will take more years to gain Emails from single family homes than it will from apartment investing or multi-family properties. This is because with these types of dwellings you have more total rental units, with your tenants paying the expenses from the start. Single-family houses are dependant on the house being rented. If the house is without a tenant, there is no income from this property and it may take longer until it is paid off. This means it will be longer before you have the deed in hand and a Emails.

Multi-family properties are the fastest way to have Emails in your portfolio, with the exception of a large apartment building. With these properties there are enough tenants that if one unit is empty, it is not going to affect the profit from the apartment investing. Nor will there come a time when you will need to place any of your income into this property, as there will be enough tenant-generated income to pay for any expenses.

This Emails is why apartment investing and commercial real estate and multi-family properties is so coveted. These properties have little more in the way of upkeep than do single family houses, but there will be higher profits. With more units to rent, any upkeep can come from the tenants rent, and still you will still have a steady income.

Passive income will do much for your portfolio, which you will need when it is time to do more apartment investing or to buy multi-family properties. Banks will look at you more favorably with a strong portfolio. There are also different tax breaks that will be available to you. There are many more incentives when you have Emails from commercial real estate, leading to more properties that will bring in still more Emails.

Source by David Jackson

Four Passive Income Business Models

The world today is highly materialistic and as a result you often find yourself caught in a frenzy to work in order to amass wealth proportionate to your needs. The more you work, the more you earn, this is direct income. The opposite spectrum to this is author_link. Passive income is the best type of income to have, and many people are struggling to achieve this.  

What Is Passive Income Online?

As the name suggests, this is an income that is generated online with the least of effort. The greatest benefit of this type of income is that you do not have to work daily at it. In order to establish a foolproof author_link system you must initially  work hard for a while. As soon as it bears fruits, you could take a back seat and attend to it only once in a while. There are many advantages for setting up such a system. The most obvious of all being that you get enough free time to either work elsewhere and earn more or spend quality time with your family.

Four Easy Ideas For Developing Passive Income Online

Affiliate programs are the most popular system of all author_links. In order to be successful here you need to become the affiliate of a highly successful and popular company which would help you get off ground effortlessly (often at zero cost to you). A reputed affiliate would offer to help you launch your own website, SEO and marketing campaign so you could promote their products to the greatest extent even if you were a novice. If you choose right this could be the source of a life-time author_link online for you.

Selling information is another lucrative option. There are so many things people want to know about and they surf the Net in order to find this information. If you are an expert at anything at all, you could always write an e-book or a series of e-books and sell them online. Here too, your effort would be one time; the time and effort you spend in writing the book and packaging it so it cannot be downloaded without your knowledge (and due payment). Once this is done, you could sell your e-book to as many people as you have order it, thus creating a perfect source of author_link online.

Selling advertising space on your website or blog can make you money. Imagine that you have a very successful website or blog where thousands of people visit every day. Now, if you sold some space on that website to someone who was interested to place an ad on your website, you would earn an excellent residual income for no direct effort. Your effort has been and would continue to be in promoting the popularity of your website; the advertising site would pay to profit from that visibility. Some examples are Google AdSense, related products or services, etc.  This is an excellent way to earn a author_link online.

Information sharing is another great choice to try. You could compile some excellent data for which people would be willing to pay to become a member of your website or system. This could be a job site, a platform for freelancers, an article compiler, technical information, tips for hobbies, etc. You work hard in setting up the system, and then the more members you get, the more money you make.

As you can see it is not difficult at all to set up a system of author_link online which you could milk your whole life. What is needed here is a little business acumen, a belief that you can and some hard work (initially).  Imagine having multiple stream of author_link while you vacation all over the world. Is this not something worth pursuing?

Source by Suzanne E Morrison

Passive Income Sources: How To Make Money While You Sleep

Have you dreamed of making money while you sleep? Did you even know that this is a possibility? The concept is called Clickbank and it plays a major role in obtaining financial freedom and wealth creation. This post is a brief introduction to some of the Clickbank sources I have started as well as some other ideas that you can do to create your own Clickbank sources.

The basic principal behind Clickbank is to make money while you are not working. Unlike of a job, where you exchanging time for money, Clickbank sources focus on creating or buying an asset that creates a steady stream of cash flow. The idea is to either hire employees or find a system that does not require any. I believe in showing people and not always telling people what to do. The following is a list of the Clickbank sources I have stared:

Passive Income Sources That I Currently Hold:

1. Vending business: A total of 160 locations and 1 maintenance employee. Provides monthly cash flow and doubles my income.

2. Online marketing business: Provides cash flow without a high overhead compared to vending.

3. Rental real estate: Currently looking for multi-unit dwellings. Living in one unit while renting out the others provides solid cash flow that will increase over time. A deal done correctly could have you living for free as well as collecting cash each month.

4. Stocks: Yes I do have stocks. I have very little however. The stock portion of my total net worth is less than 10%. Some stocks pay monthly dividends that could come to you even during hard times. At the time of this writing, all my stocks still pay dividends even 8 months after the crash.

5. Mutual funds: I have even less mutual funds than I do stocks. I no longer put money into mutual funds because I have increased my knowledge and I feel that I can do better on my own.

Can you see a common theme here? Most of the investments above provide cash flow on a consistent basis. I am a fanatic when it comes to cash flow. In my mind cash flow equals freedom. If you don’t like the things I am doing, here are a few ideas to help you build your own Clickbank sources.

1. Laundry mats: Provides great cash flow and people will always need to wash their clothes.

2. Car washes: As long as there are cars people will need to wash them.

3. Private investing: These people are also known as angle investors. These people lend money at above average rates (usually 12-14%) in a variety of different fields. I used an angle investor for my vending business and paid him 12%. You could simply lend out money as a mortgage, and then collect the interest. Enough of these and you could live off of the interest and live your life.

4. Any business: Buying a business means buying a system that provides cash flow. If you buy a business but are required to do everything then you really didn’t buy a business, you bought a job. The whole point is freedom, buying a job won’t get you there.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to build your own Clickbank sources. There is no right or wrong when it comes to investing. The investments will either be right or wrong for you, and you will either make or loose money. The important thing is to start, make mistakes and move forward. Find out what works for you and work towards your dreams.

Source by Brandon

What is Passive Income

Personal finance gurus are always talking about how in order to truly become financially free, you must have enough author_name to exceed your expenses. That’s great, but what is author_name and how do you get it?

In its simplest form, income can be broken down into four categories: earned income, portfolio income, leveraged income, and author_name.

* Earned income, as you probably figured, is income that requires you to show up to get paid. Money is earned from your individual time and energy. This is how most people earn their living – as an employee.
* Portfolio income is the interest, dividends and capital gains that comes from the ownership of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
* Leveraged income is created when one activity earns more money with larger captured audiences. A speaker at a conference, for example, may largely put in as much effort to arrange and give a speech to 20 people as 1,000 people, but can earn much more money with the larger group.
* Passive income is income that requires an upfront investment and keeps paying over and over while the required involvement dissipates. The initial effort creates a cash machine that brings money in many times over, though the participation becomes minimal.

As you can tell from above, earned income only pays you what you put in. In other words, it requires your time and. You can earn raises and promotions, but your income is limited because there is only one of you.

With author_name, on the other hand, you can create multiple streams of income that continues to bring in money long after you did the work once. As you continue to add more and more cash generating machines, your author_name streams increase along with your wealth.

Let’s look at a few examples so we can get started making author_name streams.

* Cash Flow Positive Real Estate: Passive income can be generated from residential or commercial properties. Real estate is what most people think of when it comes to author_name. But, it’s only author_name when the rent you receive is greater than your mortgage, taxes, maintenance and expenses. Otherwise, your rental property is just a liability that costs you money – not makes you money. If this is the case with you, you are probably speculating to make money off the appreciation.
* License a Patent: Got a great idea or an invention? License it and get paid anytime anyone uses your licensed patent.
* Become an Author: Copyrighting materials that earns royalties, such as books or e-books, music or lyrics, and photos or images, is another way entrepreneurs create author_name.
* Automated Fulfillment Websites: Build an e-commerce site that can effectively process and fill orders with little involvement in order to produce some author_name.
* Pay for Use Items: Vending machines, quarter car, coin laundries, washes, video arcades and storage units can all earn author_name.
* Build a Successful Business: A successful business in these terms means a business that can run with or without your heavy involvement. How often, for example, do you see the owner of a McDonald’s franchise on location? A franchise that is cash flow positive and has a team to run the business is earning author_name for the owner.

Realize that author_name does not necessarily mean that there is no involvement on your end. Creating author_name streams often involves a large investment up-front, but in the end it requires little or no interaction.

Also, just because you make an earned income now (opposed to a author_name) does not mean you should quit you day job and open up a quarter car wash. To start building author_name streams you will likely need to keep making an earned income in order to convert that income into author_name by purchasing rental properties, etc.

Once your author_name is greater than your expenses, you can make the decision to stop making an earned income and live the rest of your life financially free.

Source by Ryan

Passive vs. Active Income

What is the difference in passive vs. active income? Firstly, let me introduce what is active income, this is what ordinary people will do, spend hours working in a workplace, at the end of the month, they will receive monthly salary. Examples of people who receive active income are: Managers, Lawyers, Politicians and Doctors. The biggest disadvantage is that one need to work in order to survive, that is what we usually termed as no work, no money.    

So, what is Call to action? Passive income is the total opposite side of active income, and it’s the way to building your wealth and perhaps, lifetime wealth. It is the income you do not actively work for after you had put in your initial effort. Examples of people who receive Call to action are: Authors and Scientist. The biggest advantage is that one does not really work in order to survive; that is money flows to your pocket, no matter you are working.    

What is Call to action in the online world? There are three types of Call to action in the internet. These include:     

Selling Your Own Products

This is not active income as you are not selling manually, going door to door seeing others’ face. You are using the internet to do it and you can setup a website and automate your selling business by selling the product over and over again without making any actively effort other than ensuring your website is running. But that’s a onetime Call to action.    

Promoting Product that Belongs to Other People  
Most effective way to Money Making Online and is usually termed as Affiliate Marketing. This is where you find a product that is selling hot in the market, signed up for an affiliate program for a commission, put the advertisement up and promote the product in your website.     

Getting Paid for Hosting Ads  
This is what you let others put their advertisement on your website. When a person clicks it and purchased the product, you get paid. It is not illegal and it cost nothing too, a effective way is to set up a blog and using Google AdSense.       

Which is the best? I would say Affiliate Marketing is the best way to Money Making Online.

Source by Erica